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The Peace Train, With Salman Rushdie Tied To The Tracks

The Peace Train, With Salman Rushdie Tied To The Tracks
November 01
15:43 2010

Here are two versions of Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, on video.

Keep in mind that his charitable foundation is part of the umbrella group, Union of Good, which has been designated a terrorist entity by the US Treasury Department. The Union of Good is headed by Shariah scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is banned from travel to the US and the UK due to his ties to Jihadist terrorist organizations.

In one video, Yusuf Islam is singing Peace Train at the Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert rally in DC.

In the other video, he is calling for the murder of author Salman Rushdie for insulting the prophet Mohammed.

This is a stark example of how many on the Left of the political spectrum in the West have no clue about the threat we face.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous November 01, 21:40

    By the way, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, when asked about his comments on Salman Rushdie recently denied that he ever said such a thing. Too bad for him that we have something called YouTube now. In the dinosaur media days, he could commit taqiyya and get away with it. Now his lies are apparent…to everyone except Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart…

  2. R. Casimir
    R. Casimir November 01, 22:47

    What a pathetic bunch of buffoons. Stewart is supposed to be a Gen Y hipster but he’s brought two of the most has-been boomers out to entertain his crowd – which btw was all white, just like his TV audience. Idiotic crap.

    The real Rally for Sanity takes place tomorrow, where all across America angry voters will start to restore sanity.

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