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The Guy Is Just Plain Funny…

The Guy Is Just Plain Funny…
December 10
07:03 2010

…Olbermann is stupid, and he’s crazy – batshit crazy – but you can’t beat this guy for sheer laugh-out-loud ridiculous humor. If he wasn’t actually serious about the fountain of excrement spewing from his pie-hole you’d swear this was a sublime master of the deadpan.

This was Olbermann on the Obama tax capitulation. It’s the speech today’s Quote Of The Day comes from. Enjoy.

Reaction by Robert Stacy McCain here.

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  1. Lurker
    Lurker December 10, 13:40

    11 minute run-on sentence.

  2. Ryan Booth
    Ryan Booth December 10, 15:43

    Very entertaining. While I sympathize with the arguments I’m hearing from Hugh Hewitt and Charles Krauthammer, I don’t agree. This was a great deal for the GOP.

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