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That Heineken Commercial Song

That Heineken Commercial Song
August 04
01:07 2011

Y’know the Heineken commercial with the guy who shows up at the swanky soiree, hugs the Mexican dude, out-kung fu’s the kung fu guy and then ends up playing the flute with the band?

This’ll jog your memory…

Well, down here at Barataria Bay a bunch of us nutria were having an argument about the song in the ad. Naturally, nobody was even close to the name of the band who sings it. Which, after I actually did what you do when you want to resolve an argument like this, namely going on the internet and looking it up, isn’t a surprise. The band’s name is Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and the song is “The Golden Age.”

Wanna see a really weird video? Ya come to de right place, mon.

OK, but you might not have seen this. It’s the long version of the Heineken ad. The one you see on TV is pretty decent. This is a heckuva lot better.

None of us down in Barataria drink Heineken. I mean, it’s OK in a pinch, like if there’s a hurricane and all the stores are closed, but we’re more into the local. Or sometimes we’ll go far afield and drink that Chinese beer from Pennsylvania – Ying Ling, they call it? Somethin’ like that, I dunno. My uncle T-Ball gets it shipped in every couple months and he pushes it on everybody at the bourre’ game we do at his house.

That said, I like that commercial. And if drinkin’ Heineken gives me kung fu moves like that I might actually consider bein’ a regular customer.

No interest in that flute, though. Who do you think I am, Ron Burgundy?


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  1. Fannylove83
    Fannylove83 August 31, 03:24

    The Mexican Dude is supposed to be a Big Drug Trafficker that is why he is surrounded by all those women, and acts like a Big shot.

  2. Frank Rigsby
    Frank Rigsby March 12, 23:56

    he Heineken commercial reeks of a garish vibe to me, it looks like inside of that place smells like stale perfume and heavy body odor…it all just looks presumptuous and pure fake acting. Sickening.

  3. Frank Rigsby
    Frank Rigsby March 21, 01:26

    no thanks..not going to click on that Heineken video commercial…lol…hey, I don't have anything against Heineken beer, I mean if you like "skunky" beer that is.

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