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So – Are You Offended By This?

So – Are You Offended By This?
December 22
17:53 2011

I am.

Anybody who supports Ron Paul after seeing this isn’t just not a Republican; they’re not a patriotic American.

George McGovern would find this guy’s foreign policy borderline treason. And the idea that he puts his imprimatur on a web ad equating the American presence in Iraq to a hostile Chinese presence in Texas is offensive. It’s about as offensive as putting his imprimatur on newsletters talking about the Coming Race War or suggesting that 9-11 was an inside job.

Oh, but he didn’t know about the newsletters.

First he did. Ten years ago he did. Now he didn’t.


It’s time for him to go away, and it’s time for his dumbass supporters to go back to their basements.

Paul’s economic message isn’t one he invented, and it’s not one he even articulates all that well. Somebody else would do a far better job with it. Just because it has merit doesn’t make him qualified to be president – his resume contains virtually zero executive experience relative to the office he’s seeking for the third (or is it fourth?) time.

What might be a better question is whether his supporters shouldn’t be subjected to drug testing at polling places. Especially after the campaign put this garbage out.

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  1. TruePatriot
    TruePatriot December 23, 13:48

    Sounds like someone is more a little upset that MANY people are welcoming Ron Pauls message. “Not a Republican”, “not a patriotic American”, keep the slander coming… just wait until 2012! 

  2. Josiah
    Josiah December 23, 16:15

    Great video! I am not offended in the least. It is time we protect and defend our borders instead of others’. In addition, the US doesn’t have the money to fund multiple unnecessary, unconstitutional wars in foreign countries unless they rob our children by printing unconstitutional money.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous December 23, 17:00

    Why would the truth be considered offensive?  Among military personnel, Ron Paul is the far and away the front runner.  Nobody else comes close.

    • kaj
      kaj December 28, 09:05

      According to my marine son, you’re not exactly correct on that.  He tells me that he and his ‘buddies’ haven’t reached a nominee yet.  Most are still hoping some new blood will arise from the bunch of career politicians that are running.

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