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Schools In The Voucher Program And How To Get Your Kid In…

Schools In The Voucher Program And How To Get Your Kid In…
May 22
15:06 2012

As promised by the Louisiana Department of Education, the list of schools participating in the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program (SSEEP), or school voucher program, has been released to coincide with applications being accepted, which started today.

Here are the schools and available slots:

And here’s how it works:

To qualify, a student must attend a Louisiana public school with a grade of C, D and F as ranked by the state’s new assessment standard and must be in a family that meets income guidelines.

School rankings are found here.

Family income cannot exceed 250 percent of the federal poverty level:

A family of four in Louisiana, for instance, can make up to $57,625 a year and still be eligible for a school voucher. A single mother with one child can make up to $37,825. If she has two kids, she can earn as much as $47,725.

Vouchers will be given out in a lottery system, with kids in the worst schools given first priority. Applicants will be able to name participating schools in order of preference and slots will be awarded based on what’s available.

Schools have submitted to the state how many extra students they can accommodate and cannot refuse students with-in that number.

Applications are available online at and can be downloaded here as well as picked up any of the schools on the list.

The lottery will be held over the month of July and applicants will be notified of the results of the lottery no later than July 31.

Those who still have questions can call LDOE’s Help Center at 1-877-453-2721.

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  1. Deryl Bryant
    Deryl Bryant May 23, 15:31

    This voucher program is an absolute BUST! The only hope I see in the program, as is, would be that a Constitutional challenge be launched to either force a modification so that it is all inclusive, or just do away with it completely and start from scratch so that a little commonsense might be included in the next plan.

    The very worst schools in (Northeast) Louisiana, a record they have unfortunately held for many years, are located in (underfunded, rural) parishes WITH NO OPTIONS AVAILABLE. East Carroll, West Carroll, Madison, Tensas, Morehouse, Union, and Claiborne…all connected and none are on the list.

    Thanks, Governor. Not only are you screwing over the middle-class by FORCING their children to attend failing schools, your focus for "fixing" the system appears to have the same narrow vision NELA has suffered all of my life…..South Louisiana FIRST….the rest of the state if we happen to get around to it.

    How will Louisiana ever move forward if we continue to ignore the long running problems we have suffered for too many decades? The literal "theft" of tax revenue, which funds our schools, by more developed parishes has simply got to stop if we are to ever properly fund the school systems in rural parishes. For too long, Baton Rouge has FAILED to address the problems of the entire state, …… they count their campaign contribution money.

    What is "good" for NOLA, doesn't fix a damn thing in NELA.

  2. Deryl Bryant
    Deryl Bryant May 23, 18:12

    "Most Louisiana schools accepting voucher students are in New Orleans, Baton Rouge areas".

  3. Christy Sykes Faircloth
    Christy Sykes Faircloth May 23, 19:25

    its very sad that a parish can opt out of the voucher program when there are schools that have open spots. this is suppose to be a program that was created to give those in failing school districts a chance to receive a better educaiton and its being hindered by school boards that vote to deny children this opportunity.

    • Nicholas Bouterie
      Nicholas Bouterie May 23, 21:36

      You can't force a private school to participate in a government program if they don't want to. If a private school wants to participate and accept money, then it must accept any child it is directed to. However, if a private school does not want to participate, it is in their right.

    • Christy Sykes Faircloth
      Christy Sykes Faircloth May 24, 00:38

      i am speaking of public schools opting out. the only schools that are accepting the vouchers in our area are private schools.

    • Shawn Savoie Rougeau
      Shawn Savoie Rougeau May 24, 03:02

      lady, they were never part of the program in the first place! that is the whole point of why vouchers won't work, were never intended to work and are just a front designed to ultimately allow the privatization of the public school system.

      a voucher is designed to cover the cost of tuition. public schools don't HAVE tuition. what's needed is open enrollment so that parents can put their children where the best programs are, regardless of location. some parishes already do that as long as parents provide transportation. of course, the students have to do the work and parents need to back up the teachers. everyone must do their part.

    • Christy Sykes Faircloth
      Christy Sykes Faircloth May 24, 03:32

      dude, no need to get rude! they may not have originally intended to be part of it but they are able to participate which makes them a part of it. some of the public schools were going to participate until the superintendent talked the school board into opting out. if the vouchers worked like planned they would open the door for children who attend failing schools to attend a or b rated schools without the fear of being kicked out because they do not reside in that district. thats what i want for my children, a better educaiton than what they have in their district. that is why I was for the vouchers. i dont believe in districts or in consolidating schools that have a large gap in their grade ratings. i believe this hinders a childs opportunity for a better education along with other issues it causes.

    • Shawn Savoie Rougeau
      Shawn Savoie Rougeau May 24, 03:44

      my frustration is certainly not directed at you, only jindal and all the sheep masquerading as legislators. there are no magic wands or perfect solutions, just hard work and accepting that politicians lie. now what what are we going to do about it?

    • Deryl Bryant
      Deryl Bryant May 24, 04:52

      Shawn Savoie Rougeau You are not quite correct. Public schools DO have tuition. It comes in the form of Minimum Foundation Program funding that is provided by taking private funds by way of unfair property taxes.

      Open enrollment is a form of vouchers in that it gives parents control over that MFP funding by empowering them, as they should rightfully be, to make the final decision as to where their child attends school. No parent should be forced to enroll their child in a failing school based on an arbitrary line on a map.

      The public schools SHOULD have been a part of the Governor's plan, as well as all private schools without the crazy "keep forever" regulations. Competition should rule the day, not only between schools but students, as well, just like it will be in the real world.

    • Nicholas Bouterie
      Nicholas Bouterie May 24, 10:35

      Christy Sykes Faircloth , got ya. That sounds like a local school board issue. Long before the education bills of this session, Lafayette Parish already had a school of choice program in place amongst its government schools. You could enroll your child in another government school in Lafayette Parish if the current district you were in was not what you wanted as a parent. A buddy of mine had his daughter in the program, and he was very happy with it.

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