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The Life (And Death) of Julia

By now, many of you might have heard about the “Life of Julia,” a little slide show that the Obama campaign has created to appeal to women voters. The protagonist of this little tale is Julia, who we travel with nearly from cradle to grave as she reaps the rewards of the president’s policies that Mitt Romney would do away and destroy an otherwise happy life.

While the story is a valiant effort by the Obama people, I felt it might not appeal strongly enough to the type of female voter that the president is trying to target.

I was also troubled by the ending. We leave Julia at 67, when she retires. I’m sure the old gal has a least a few more good years left in her.

Also,  we follow Julia through 64 years of her life and all this time she is living “under President Obama.” That didn’t make sense to me. Why is Obama around so long and what becomes of him—the true hero of the story?

To tie up a few of these loose ends, The Hayride has tweaked the story some in…

The Life and Death of Julia

The beginning—Age 3:

Age 22:

Age 25:


Age 37:

Age 45:

 Age 67:


The end—Age 103:

The Obama camp can do whatever they want with this revised addition, which I believe gives the story a depth that was lacking. I can’t wait for the sequel, when Obama raises Julia from the dead—he could do it, ya know?


  1. Tom Bonnette says:

    The revised edition of "The Life of Julia"…

  2. Elizabeth Weber Levy says:

    Paul Ryan called the real version "creepy." Frankly, Obama, like all pathological narcissists, is downright creepy. The composite sketch of the woman character Bill Ayres used in Obama's "memoir" indicates just how creepy he is. If Obama did write the memoir, as advertised, he's positively twisted.

  3. Andrew Boggan says:

    Our Great Leader.

  4. Brilliant. All Hail Our Benevolent President-for-Life!

    Mmm, mmm, mmm.

  5. [...] to the Fluke fiasco the equally offensive “Life of Julia” campaign—which makes the case that women just won’t be able to get by without sugar-daddy [...]

  6. [...] Moreover, it’s been great fodder for the conservative blogosphere as many, including The Hayride, poked more than a little fun. [...]

  7. Luke StormCat Hucke says:

    What a crock of shit. That should read at age 22, congress tried to make obama president for life but a civil war erupted and the energy rich states formed a new nation with Mitt Romney as President while Obama takes control of the states without mineral wealth. The energy rich states, The United States of America, oppress the Marxist pigs of the Communist States of America, which is ruled by imam hussein. Gas prices in the USA, 45 cents a gallon, gas prices in the communist states of America, $ 45.00 per gallon. Julia moves to the USA and tells obama to go to hell.

  8. Luke StormCat Hucke says:

    We won't have to worry about this because Barry is getting the boot this fall. Algae power plant? Give me a break, you may as well have everyone driving mouse drawn chariots and using hand fans to keep our food cold.

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