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UPDATED: What’s Kip Holden Doing Welcoming Louis Farrakhan?

Baton Rouge’s two-term (and seeking a third) mayor Kip Holden rode a significant portion of the white vote to both his previous electoral wins, and Holden hopes to pick up a substantial portion of the East Baton Rouge white vote for a third term.

So this seems a bit of a head-scratcher…

Grambling State University turned him down, but Southern University and the city of Baton Rouge welcome Louis Farrakahn last week. Student Government and The Nation of Islam sponsored a speech by Minister Louis Farrakhan.

To a crowd of 2,000 Minister Farrakhan spoke about issues from the presidential debate , problems in the Black community, his life as the leader of the Nation of Islam and problems in education.

Farrakhan’s speaking engagement was organized by the Nation of Islam Student Association’s Southern chapter. But Farrakhan thanked the university too, calling it a great honor to speak.

After being welcome by the Mayor and the chief of police when he arrived in Baton Rouge.

Southern University Chancellor James Llorens offered greeting along with several musical performances, and poetry readings.

Students at Grambling tried to schedule Farrakhan for a free lecuture this spring but the administration said the students probably would attend because of spring celebrations.

Farrakhan’s message seemed to suggest that blacks should only attend historically black colleges…

“Education is the key to the future of us, but what education? The enemy is not going to send a teacher to you that would prepare you for an independent future,” said Minister Farrakhan. “A proper education will make us a productive people. “…If you bring an inferior mind to your studies, you will never become a master.”

Do we need to list all the reasons why (1) no state-funded university in Louisiana should be hosting Farrakhan, or (2) the mayor of Baton Rouge shouldn’t be embracing him?

This man is a racist, anti-Semite, anti-American crook. And Southern University, which is struggling with poor graduaton rates, sagging enrollment and budget cuts, can’t afford the further hit to its reputation by bringing him in for a lecture.

For Holden to embrace such a spectacle indicates he’s no racial healer. Regardless of who’s running against him it’s time for him to go.

UPDATE: We’ll have to make an adjustment to this, because it appears the Monroe Free Press’ account of Farrakhan’s speech didn’t have it quite right.

Or maybe they did.

Rannah Gray, Holden’s spokesperson, challenged the article on our Facebook by saying something rather interesting…

“…the story posted about Mayor Holden “welcoming Louis Farrakhan” is completely false. He did not attend the event and was not even on the Southern Campus that day. We are requesting that the story be taken down.”

Of course, if you parse the Monroe Free Press and Gray’s statement together you’ll notice that the Free Press didn’t say Holden welcomed Farrakhan at Southern, nor did Gray say that Holden had no contact with him when he came in.

Our source says Gray is correct. Holden wasn’t at Southern last week. Instead, Holden met Farrakhan in New Orleans. Specifically…

Kip did not attend but met Farrakhan in NO and escorted back to BR.

He just picked him up at Louis Armstrong and ferried him to his speech, as opposed to giving a “hey, how ya doin’” introduction at Southern.

Which is worse? A meet-and-greet, or Drivin’ Minister Louis?

As it happens, there is video of Farrakhan’s speech, which can be found here. At the 7:20 mark of the video you’ll find Farrakhan saying the following…

“I want to thank the mayor of Baton Rouge, the police chief and the police personnel that met my flight in New Orleans and shepherded me here to Baton Rouge. I thank you for such a great honor and I do not take that for granted.”

Decide for yourself whether this is acceptable.

UPDATE #2: Now you don’t have to go to the Nation Of Islam’s website to watch the video; you can go to our YouTube page or just click the play button below…


  1. Kathy Fletcher says:

    And now you know……………..VOTE HIM OUT!

  2. Elizabeth Weber Levy says:

    We've slipped through a wormhole…

  3. Kermit Hoffpauir says:

    I wonder what uniform he will wear to greet the other race baiter.

  4. Z-Tiger Lsu says:

    Does the anti Semite Calypso Louie know that the mayor is known as Yum Kipper?

  5. Rannah Gray says:

    I am responding on behalf of the Kip Holden Campaign to give you notice that this story is completely false and request that it be taken down from your website immediately. Mayor Holden did not attend this event, did not welcome Farrakhan, and was not on the Southern University campus that day. I will also contact Scott McKay and anyone else we can reach to give notice that it is a false story. I can be reached at if you need to confirm that this comment is in fact from our campaign. — Rannah Gray.

    • Steve Myers says:

      Not sure why my previous more lengthy comment did not make it. Wil ltry again: Since I was sitting right next to the Mayor at the St. Aloysius Mayor Candidate forum Oct. 3, he either did not attend the Farrakhan speech at Southern or he has an very good body double. Maybe he went before or after but he was right there at St. Aloysius from about 6 to 9. There maybe a lot of reasons to vote for someone other than the incumbent but this was not one. The Advocate article on the story does not mention him. Let's keep the facts correct. Steve Myers, Candidate for Mayor.No.53.

    • Are you prepared to state publicly that Minister Farrakhan is lying on the video posted above?

  6. Kip Holden's Campaign Office notes this article is bunk and should be removed from the site. See Blog Below. It stated he was not on Campus when Louis Farrakhan appeared or departed, nor had nothing to do with his speech. Trust me, this would be a 'no win' situation for Kip Holder.Minister Farrakhan is due to speak in Charlotte, NC, this weekend and tickets for 'his performance' are extremely expensive.

  7. Dave Roppolo says:

    I have alot of trouble believing the Chief of Police welcomed him to the city when he arrived at the airport. Holden on the other hand, not so much.

  8. Steve Myers says:

    Not sure why my previous more lengthy comment did not make it. Wil ltry again: Since I was sitting right next to the Mayor at the St. Aloysius Mayor Candidate forum Oct. 3, he either did not attend the Farrakhan speech at Southern or he has an very good body double. Maybe he went before or after but he was right there at St. Aloysius from about 6 to 9. There maybe a lot of reasons to vote for someone other than the incumbent but this was not one. The Advocate article on the story does not mention him. Let's keep the facts correct. Steve Myers, Candidate for Mayor.No.53.

  9. Rannah Gray says:

    Thanks, Steve. I have confirmed with the Office of Public Information for the Metro Council that a "Certificate of Recognition" was requested last week by Councilman Ulysses "Bones" Addison and presented by Addison to Farrakhan at the event at Southern University to "thank him for his work." This was also confirmed by the Chancellor's Office at Southern University. We have also notified this website on behalf of the Kip Holden Campaign that the above story is false and that Mayor Holden did not attend.

    • At this point, I don't think it matters whether he attended the event or not. He still welcomed him & spent a considerable amount of time with him if he "shepherded" him to SU.

    • Kathy Fletcher says:

      Ms Gray and Mr Myers, I think Minister Farrakhan has some explaining to do. Seems he is lying about the mayor and police chief. I certainly would like them to publicly state the truth of the matter. If Minister Farrakhan is a blatant liar please let us know, if any taxpayer $ was spent "shepherding" him from the airport I would like to know that also. As far as Bones Addison and the certificate of Recognition that was presented to Farrakhan by Bones – did the Metro Council approve such a thing? I want to know who voted for it and I would like for the voters of this parish to know that Addison supports this loon.

    • Dave Roppolo says:

      Notice mine and Scott's question about tax dollars still has not (and probably wont) been answered.

    • Kathy Fletcher says:

      yep – they like to jump on a topic that is unflattering to them but when the questions are asked they tend to go missing. HOW ABOUT IT MS GRAY???????

    • Ms Gray did the job that i'd expect a Holden puppet to do. Never answer the question posed to her directly. Classic politician crap. She's a perfect fit for Mayor Shady's staff.

  10. Rannah Gray says:

    Let me be very clear so there is no misunderstanding. I have spoken with Mayor Holden and Police Chief White about the story above and the "update" and both confirm that it is NOT ACCURATE. Mayor Holden did not meet Louis Farrakhan in New Orleans. He did not ride with him to Baton Rouge. He did not see him in Baton Rouge. He had a full day of activities in Baton Rouge and was at a candidate forum with the other candidates when all of this was taking place, as Steve Myers stated. Chief White did not meet Mr. Farrakhan in New Orleans nor did he "ferry" him to Baton Rouge as you stated. BRPD coordinated security matters with LA State Police to assure the event at Southern University was safe for all attending. You have falsely stated in highlighted text that Mayor Holden "met Farrakhan in New Orleans and escorted back to BR." (sic) I would ask you again to remove false statements from your website. At this point, it appears this may be an intentional effort by someone to distribute false information.

  11. Z-Tiger Lsu says:

    OK, after the updates, seems to be sounding kinda like an "I was never alone in a hotel with [her]" moment.

  12. The only way that Mayor Holden can clear this up is to personally and publicly state that Minister Farrakhan is lying.

  13. Rannah Gray says:

    I notice that in some areas of this website, a photo is posted along with this story and headline about Mayor Holden that, taken together, is obviously an attempt to imply that a man in the photo is the Mayor. Let me again state on behalf of the Kip Holden Campaign that the Mayor is NOT in this photo and did not attend the event at Southern University. Southern Chancellor Jim Llorens is partially visible in the photo and he has also confirmed for the record that this is NOT Mayor Holden in the photo. We would again request that you remove the photo with the implication that this is Mayor Holden. I have noted that you have removed a reference to Mayor Holden that was posted with this video and we thank you for that. — Rannah Gray.

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  15. Marti Luke says:

    In the racist's own words…watch it and weep for Baton Rouge. There were no police around when my 10year old grandson was sleeping just feet away from a gunfight which took the life of one that could have easily been two or more. But there are enough police to "shepherd" this disgrace to humanity from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Kip has got to go!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Min. Farrakhan asked this question today "Why do you hate him so much? He has never been locked up in prison before, He has never committed a crime, he never molested little boys or girls, He has never organized a mob to go out to kill and lynch and rape Caucasians. So the only reason why you people do hate him is because you can not turn him into the white mans Nigger." You people really need to get over your self's because this country do not belong to you any more.

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