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Bill Whittle’s Latest Video: Falling On Principle

Bill Whittle’s Latest Video: Falling On Principle
November 01
16:48 2012

It’s a message to the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson voters. You know those people – the ones who say there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, and that the constitution and our national fisc have been wrecked by both sides, and so on.

They’re not wrong about a lot of what they say. But they are wrong about their insistence on making the perfect the enemy of the good. Or, in this case, perhaps making the perfect the ally of the awful.

And Whittle is desperately attempting to get through to them in advance of Tuesday…

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  1. Carl Brown
    Carl Brown November 02, 17:15

    I really appreciate the respect shown in this video. It's a refreshing change from the "You hate Murica and want to give it to Obama!" diatribes that seem to dominate Republican discourse towards libertarians.

    However, I still can't agree. I can't trust Romney to repeal Obamacare when he championed its inspiration in my home state. I can't trust him to respect personal freedom when he supports the NDAA and Patriot Act and has a long record of antipathy to the 2nd Amendment. And Paul Ryan's budget just isn't enough. It won't cut unconstitutional bureaucracies like the IRS and Dept of Ed and it doesn't allow for military cuts in places where it's easily afforded.

    I'm active military, and I mailed my MA absentee ballot for Gary Johnson weeks ago. I could understand holding one's nose and "voting against" Obama in a swing state, but those in a Blood Red or Midnight Blue one have no reason not to obey their conscience and vote, or not vote, however they wish.

  2. Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis November 02, 19:28

    I think I preferred Chuck Norris saying that not voting for Romney was leading America into "a thousand years of darkness" better. Seemed more honest. Do you want to know the truth, Bill Whittle? Do you want to know why people aren't voting for the main two guys or not voting at all? Because of shit like this. Because, at least in my case, we don't see the world in the moral absolutes the way that you do. It seems that if you're a conservative, the liberals represent Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," and if you're a liberal the conservatives will inevitably lead to George Orwell's "1984." Both sides treat the election as if it's a choose your own Dystopian adventure book, and I just don't buy it. Regardless who wins the election, bad things will happen, good things will happen, and the economy will fluctuate. No one is going to scare me into voting for someone I don't think is qualified. And that includes both major candidates.

  3. Patricia Neal-Moreno
    Patricia Neal-Moreno November 03, 01:05

    There is no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Romney says he wants to get rid of it, but Romneycare was the blueprint for Obamacare. Romney says we're headed towards a fiscal cliff yet both he and Obama supported and endorsed the massive bank bailouts with our tax dollars, He says he wants a strong America yet both Obama and he are weakening our country with their foreign policy. The Libyan Ambassador is dead because of blowback, thousands of our citizens were killed on Sept 11 2001 due to blowback, you would think our politicians who are supposed to be so smart and educated would see the connection between our policies overseas and the increasing terrorist threat against Americans everywhere, so don't try to tell me to vote for the lesser of two evils again. It will not happen.This is a vote to ensure that the Libertarian party reaches the 5% threshold in order to obtain major party status and $90 million dollars for the next presidential campaign. I'm tired of having to choose between the lesser of two evils. I want some real change for a change.

  4. Patricia Neal-Moreno
    Patricia Neal-Moreno November 06, 19:55

    Just voted for Gary Johnson. I understand the race is too close to call. Let's see if our vote makes the difference. GO GO 3rd Party!

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