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If You Think American Reality TV Is Sick, Try Brazil’s…

If You Think American Reality TV Is Sick, Try Brazil’s…
November 26
22:38 2012

…this is what passes for entertainment down there.

A Brazilian variety show called Programa Silvio Santos makes a habit of doing Candid Camera-type pranks on unsuspecting people, but with a lot harder edge than we’re used to here in the states. For example, the latest is something called “Ghost in the Elevator,” in which victims get waylaid in a steel box which stops, the lights go out and when they come back on a freaky-looking little girl appears with a doll and commences to scream at the top of her lungs at them.

Judging from the laugh track, it’s supposed to be uproariously funny.

It isn’t. It’s pretty horrifying, or at least classless for a TV show to be doing that to people. They probably need more plaintiff lawyers in Brazil.

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  1. Andrew J. Hodges
    Andrew J. Hodges November 27, 15:15

    They would also need criminal defense lawyers bc I would have kicked her in the head!

  2. Richard Garwood
    Richard Garwood November 27, 19:00

    What's the big deal? I did this when I realized Obama won. This is just as stupid.

  3. Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson November 29, 05:30

    That girl may be marred for the rest of her life. How creepy for them to get someone her age to participate in something so damaging psychologically. Who know what it could do to a little girl her age.

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