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Steven Crowder’s #IStandWithIsrael Video

Steven Crowder’s #IStandWithIsrael Video
November 16
00:08 2012

A primer on the history of Israel and Palestine in…three minutes or so. Complete with a Charles Bronson impersonation and a gay guy in a noose.

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  1. James Savik
    James Savik November 16, 06:20

    I know what Israel has and what they can do. Their restraint is remarkable.

  2. Amy Chauvin
    Amy Chauvin November 16, 15:36

    Watch what GOD will do for Israel! They will be surrounded and still will be triumphant because they are HIS chosen people, NO ONE will change that fact. GOD loves all, but those who are called by Him, Jew and Gentile, he WILL NOT forsake. Learn at your own peril!

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