The Hayride

That Bayou Classic’s Awesome, Huh?

That Bayou Classic’s Awesome, Huh?
November 26
10:04 2012

Greatest show on turf.

Especially at halftime.

The pic above was Southern’s band. But Grambling’s band did it, too.

No big deal – Obama’s the president. They spelled his name out four years ago when he won.

Did they spell out Bush’s name? Did they spell out Reagan’s? Clinton’s?

You already know the answer to that.

Obama has given the black community a 14.1 percent unemployment rate, which means damn few of the kids in those two bands will find meaningful work once their marching days are done (and we won’t even get into how much stroke with the HR department a degree from Southern or Grambling gets you even in a non-Obama economy).

But they celebrate a 14.1 percent unemployment rate, apparently. And you already know why.

Your tax dollars are paying for this. Your tax dollars are paying for Louis Farrakhan to give speeches at Southern, too.

This is justice, y’know. This is what you get a few generations down the road from a bunch of Jim Crow racists who wouldn’t let black folks study at the same colleges white folks studied at. So maybe we shouldn’t complain.

Unless, of course, you’re a member of the party that was CREATED to fight stupid crap like that. And your party spent more than 100 years fighting against all that racial separation stuff. If you’re in that party you actually have a case against this racial stuff bein’ thrown in your face.

Not that you get to make that case. If you think it’s retarded for Obama to get a pass from the people he’s doin’ the worst job for simply because Obama’s black, you’re a racist.

So shut up, Simon Le Gree.

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  1. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry November 27, 12:30

    Racist? That word is rapidly losing its meaning, or has already lost it. I've known for some time that the snake oil salesmen in guvmint didn't want equal anything for their brothers and sisters. They wanted to use the 14 percent, or so, to maintain their power and nothing else. You'd think that the smart folks at both schools might have figured that out by now. So, apparently, there are only two conclusions I can draw from this display of "hero" worship at both colleges. They are either completely ignorant of what is going on in the black communities throughout the country, or they are kissing somebody's backside for more of the "plantation" money. Okay, it could be both. The end game is not going to be pretty for anybody. 'Nuff said.

    • Ciano Leal
      Ciano Leal January 05, 06:46

      Jules , it seems this is another Hadacol tactic, claiming a Cureall for our nation, lets give it all away , it'll give us an excuse for taking it back.

  2. Ciano Leal
    Ciano Leal November 27, 16:43

    The black crutch has worn out its use. The Negroes are now without justifaction for their votes, the end result guarantees an accepted way of life and this is what politicians play on, when fighting for the black vote.
    Any black African-American would be elected by our nations Negroes, jobs/sans jobs.
    The unemployment figures do not take into account the millions of young 18-28 year old blacks who presently live on the availability of the welfare system.
    Do a poll on the un-married young black women who collect welfare checks while their childrens babies fathers loither out front of neighborhood liquor stores.
    There is your answer…on why the vote went to Obama's trough! This is a sad situation, but we are talking huge stakes for either party and this drives every election. Securement of the pie!

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