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VIDEO: The Johnny Football-New Orleans Airport Throwdown

VIDEO: The Johnny Football-New Orleans Airport Throwdown
November 13
09:51 2012

You see lots of things at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, but pugilism isn’t often one – which is, natch, why this gets posted here.

The setup: apparently a Texas A&M fan – he’s wearing a “Johnny Football” t-shirt – spilled some of his trail mix while waitin’ at the departure gate for his flight. And then when he got asked to clean it up he flipped off the gate agent. That prompted what you could call a negative reaction from others at the gate, including the gentleman of African-American persuasion who ultimately got physical with him.

Hagler-Hearns, this ain’t.

But what we got a kick out of was Johnny Football’s fightin’ style. Is that the Eagle Claw, the Praying Mantis or the Spastic Giraffe?

That, and the cameraman clownin’ on Paul Blart The Airport Mall Cop who shows up after all the good stuff happened.

At least we know the concessionaires did well. One of those Bloody Marys at MSY will run you a solid ten-spot – and Johnny Football was clearly into ‘em.

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  1. Richard Garwood
    Richard Garwood November 13, 16:18

    The most telling commentary is where: "this video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of service. What's the matter YouBoob? Afraid we might be too adult to witness and comment of the childishness portrayed?

  2. Christopher Holton
    Christopher Holton November 14, 15:04

    The video has been placed by others on YouTube now. There should be increased criminal penalties for committing acts of violence in airports.

    Security in airports is a huge concern. If security has to deal with drunks throwing down like it was a college bar, they are being taken away from what is supposed to be the serious business of security for air travelers.

    Somewhere, some Jihadi is going to eventually see that video and think up a diversion for an operation in an airport by distracting security with a brawl.

    That Aggie needs to spend time in prison.

  3. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry November 14, 15:12

    YouBoob? I like that. The censors at that outfit have a serious problem with their nannyism. God help us, protect us from those who would guide us according to their standards.

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