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Maria Bartiromo Goes Rick Santelli On ‘Incompetent’ Dem Sen. Cardin

Ben Cardin is a relatively nondescript Democrat senator from Maryland, whose claim to fame so far has been a narrow victory over Michael Steele in 2006. He’s generally to be found on the back bench with little to say, and when it’s time to vote he does whatever Harry Reid tells him.

There’s a reason for this. Namely, that when Ben Cardin shows up on TV he makes an ass of himself. So when Ben Cardin goes on CNBC to vomit Democrat talking points about the fiscal cliff and Maria Bartiromo gets in a bit of a cranky mood, it’s like watching a pelican eat a pigeon – complete with robust applause for her takedown of Cardin by the traders on the floor…

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  1. Who is this exceptional woman? She needs to be elected to a senate seat!

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