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SCALISE: Same Old, Same Old

SCALISE: Same Old, Same Old
February 12
21:40 2013

It’s fitting that President Obama gave his State of the Union on Mardi Gras Day, since he’s spent the last four years throwing record levels of taxpayer money at failed federal programs like cheap beads at a parade.

If higher taxes and more government spending were the solution to our economic woes, our economy would be humming on all cylinders, but all the middle class has to show for the last four years is a hangover of record debt and a weak economy that hasn’t produce jobs for hard-working families.

Unemployment hovered above or around eight percent throughout President Obama’s entire first term. The president’s attempts at job creation and middle class revitalization have proven hollow and damaging. The Keystone XL pipeline sits unapproved and with it, more than 20,000 American jobs remain sidelined. Billions of dollars in new middle-class taxes are now starting to hit American families and small businesses, and the full weight of Obamacare, with its mountains of radical regulations, are already leading to higher health care costs and more lost jobs.

It’s time for President Obama to get serious about addressing the problems facing our nation and abandon his failed tax, regulate, and spend agenda.

For more than four years, the American people have been subjected to President Obama’s empty rhetoric, and tonight’s State of the Union was no different as he chose to retread the same failed agenda that has divided our country and handcuffed our economy throughout his entire presidency. American families are tired of Washington politicians who over-promise and under-deliver.

House Republicans will continue to propose conservative solutions to strengthen our economy and grow American jobs so we can rebuild our middle class by creating better opportunities and higher wages for struggling families, and liberals in the White House and Congress should join with us.

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  1. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry February 14, 12:59

    Rep. Scalise, while I agree with everything you have written in this article, I think you expect too much from the current occupier of our White House. If he wanted this country, and Louisiana, to prosper and thrive, he'd have done something positive about it by now. I have never had any doubt about who he is, before he was elected the first time and he has done nothing to change my mind on that evaluation. Try reading "his" books for a perspective on how he thinks about this country. Then you'll see what is in his, and his handlers, agenda for all of us. His "failed agenda" is only a failure in the eyes of the true American patriots who want to see this nation fully functioning as a Republic, not a totalitarian state. In the eyes of the "annonited one", and his ignorant followers, he is succeeding.

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