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That Gun Control Law In New York Isn’t Going To Work

That Gun Control Law In New York Isn’t Going To Work
February 02
11:59 2013

Especially not in the western part of the state. There are people there who actually lay claim to their 2nd Amendment rights and recognize that a law which requires them to turn in weapons and ammunition is patently violative of the Constitution.

What is perhaps most significant in this video is the part where the public officials refuse to say what the penalty for noncompliance is.

There’s a 33-minute version of the video you can watch here.

In all likelihood this will be killed in court. If it isn’t, though, all hell will break loose in New York.

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  1. James Savik
    James Savik February 02, 18:07

    The alternate reality that anti-gun extremists live in denies the reality of exactly what is happening, where gun violence is happening and exactly who is pulling the trigger. Their enemy seems to be the NRA and not drug gangs, felons and homicidal lunatics. They seem to focus their wrath on law abiding gun owners while being completely oblivious to the source of where the gun violence is coming from.

    Like a combat pilot, they seem so fixated on the NRA as a target, that they inevitably smash into it rather than address the real problem.

  2. Jim Ryals
    Jim Ryals February 03, 18:12

    I'd like to hear what Andrew Cuomo is going to say to the wives and children of the dead cops killed enforcing this law; cops killed by otherwise law abiding citizens. I'm sure the words will have been poll-tested ahead of time.

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