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A Robbery Gone Wrong In New Orleans

A Robbery Gone Wrong In New Orleans
April 30
10:39 2013

We’d say don’t do this at home. But then again, when some imbecile is dumb enough to try to mug you with a shotgun and gets close enough for you to disarm him…you might as well.

Sadly, most muggers in New Orleans are a bit better at their craft than that fool was.

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  1. Cliff Whitmore
    Cliff Whitmore May 01, 20:42

    wish I knew who he is other than a brave dude.

  2. David Couvillon
    David Couvillon May 01, 21:08


  3. Jules P. Guidry
    Jules P. Guidry May 02, 14:45

    Loved watching this one. The mugger almost got what he deserved, a blast from his own shotgun as he took off. That'd been my reaction.

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