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Barbara Boxer Is A Disgusting, Classless Ghoul, And Here’s Proof

What’s a ghoul? A ghoul is a creature which feeds on corpses.

Like Barbara Boxer. She’s a ghoul. If you need proof of this, watch her chow down on those dead bodies from that Santa Monica shooting (didn’t the perpetrator of that atrocity have a name suggestive of a particular political/religious ideology?) by rather gleefully crowing about the “wind at our back” on gun control which comes from shootings like this?

It’s enough to request cremation in your will, isn’t it? What kind of political philosophy depends on dead bodies to further its narrative?


  1. Al Green says:

    I see the old crracker boxer got a facelift.

  2. Joe Sherrill says:

    The gun and magazines used violate existing CA laws. More laws would not have stopped this.

  3. Jerry Fontenot says:

    Everybody in California swears she is nothing but a loose Drunk.

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