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The Hector Ricketts Story: A Tale Of Regulatory Tyranny

The Hector Ricketts Story: A Tale Of Regulatory Tyranny
July 25
08:53 2013

You probably weren’t aware of this, but until 1964 almost all mass transit providers were private-sector operators. And they were profitable.

Now, they aren’t. And they aren’t.

Which is why they fight tooth and nail to preserve their unionized monopolies, and they make life hell for those private-sector operators who do try to compete in that market.

We can illustrate this with a documentary about Hector Ricketts, and his Community Transportation Systems, Inc. The city and state of New York have been trying for a long time to put him out of business despite the fact he provides a valuable service to poor people in the outer boroughs who aren’t served well by the “establishment” options.

Via Hot Air.

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  1. Kermit Hoffpauir
    Kermit Hoffpauir July 25, 14:31

    One branch of my wife's ancestry was part owner and directors of American Cities which owned streetcars and the electric utilities in New Orleans, Hot Springs, Birmingham, and Hot Springs, and only electric utility in Houston. Their rates were subject regulation by the municipalities. Particularly New Orleans would not allow them to raise rates with rising costs and the company had to sell of all these entities, mostly due to the City of New Orleans.

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