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E-Mail Mary Landrieu, And You’ll Get This…

E-Mail Mary Landrieu, And You’ll Get This…
October 02
16:44 2013

mary thumbs up…don’t even bother asking her about why your calls don’t get through. You might end up in jail.

Thank you for contacting my office. This automatic response confirms that I received your message, but unfortunately I am unable to respond due to a government shutdown. When the government shutdown ends, I will respond to your message as soon as possible.

We’ve had communications with three other members of the Louisiana delegation today. Obviously some of their staffs are working.


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  1. Cheryl Vedrines
    Cheryl Vedrines October 02, 23:06

    She's such a POS.

  2. Benita Brunner
    Benita Brunner October 02, 23:20

    Right….(tongue in cheek tone of voice)!!!

  3. Richard Warner
    Richard Warner October 03, 00:36

    You are too kind calling her a POS, Cheryl. I can't even think of a word low enough to describe her.

  4. Craig Williams
    Craig Williams October 03, 01:56

    Why does it matter, she rarely ever answers the question you ask and when she does in a mountainous lie. She's a emissary of the devil. Her spirit is engulfed by a demonic spirit, just like the rest of the democrats in Washington.

  5. Nellie Strickland
    Nellie Strickland October 03, 10:15

    Ha! I sent one to Rubio long before the shutdown and the only response I got, was the one saying he received my e-mail. At least she gave a reason even though it's stupid. She's still working and getting paid. What an idiot. Nelson and Debbie Wassarman Blabbermouth both answered mine. Not Rubio. I'm still waiting.

  6. Kelly LoCicero
    Kelly LoCicero October 03, 18:03

    We need to vote her out

  7. Aline Roberts
    Aline Roberts October 03, 18:08

    term limits!

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