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Meet The Advocate’s New Political Reporter

Meet The Advocate’s New Political Reporter
May 14
16:22 2014

Louisiana is a red state and it’s getting redder. This fact is neither being led by nor reflected in its mainstream media.

Take the Baton Rouge Advocate, for example. A little birdie passed along to us that the paper found an old Times-Picayune veteran to add to its reportorial staff, specifically with respect to politics.

His name is Gregory Roberts. And here’s his bio, from his LinkedIn page…

greg roberts linkedin 1

greg roberts linkedin


Much of the editorial management at the Advocate came from the Picayune, so there’s an element of “putting the band back together” here.

But does anybody really think Roberts is going to cover politics objectively for the Advocate? If so, what in this bio would give you that idea? Is it the fact he’s coming from a job as the press flack for the Democrats in the Washington state legislature? Or that before that he was the communications guy for a gun control group?

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  1. Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson May 16, 01:41

    So, he works for the Democrats, previously worked trying to limit 2nd amendment rights, before that straight out anti-business activism, and can't keep a job in general. Why would any Republican ever even pick up this guy's phone call, much less talk to him in person?

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