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Here’s a Weekly Webshow For You to Check Out

Here’s a Weekly Webshow For You to Check Out
February 10
09:30 2017

I can’t say it’s new, but what I can say is that McKay has graciously allowed me to start putting up videos from a webshow I host and help produce. It’s The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends, featuring me, Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon, Neal Dewing of the Fifth Estate podcast, Jeff Blehar of the Decision Desk, and John Tabin, our executive producer.

Last night’s show was sans McMorris and Blehar, but they were replaced by three others from the Decision Desk: Brandon Finnigan (who runs DD), Miles Coleman (a Democrat and Louisiana native), and Andrea Ruth (who is also a colleague of mine at RedState). We spent the show talking about the battle in the 9th Circuit, and the electoral landscape going forward. Check it out, and we hope you subscribe and tune in weekly!

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Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham

From Natchitoches, Louisiana, Joe is a former (and sometimes still practicing) journalist, and currently teaches in south Louisiana. He can be found writing from the heart of Acadiana for The Hayride and RedState. He can also be found on Twitter at @JoePCunningham.

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