VIDEO: Riser Takes Subtle Shot At Schroder in First TV Spot

Sen. Neil Riser (R-Columbia) released his first major commercial for the State Treasurer’s race. That election will be held on October 14, just over 4 weeks from now.

Unlike former Mitch Landrieu staffer Angele Davis, who released an ad pandering to Trump voters in the worst way, Neil Riser’s ad actually describes the reasons he feels he is most qualified to be Louisiana’s next State Treasurer. Imagine that.

But in the middle of the commercial, Riser throws out a little dig at former State Rep. John Schroder (R-Covington) when the announcer reminds the audience that:

“Neil Riser was the only candidate for Treasurer to vote against the increase in Sales Tax.”

What Riser is saying is true, former Rep. John Schroder was one of the Republicans in the House that went along with the Governor’s plan to raise Sales Taxes. And Senator Riser, along with only 9 other Senators stood up to Alario and JBE to oppose the tax. As the ad says, “Riser has never been afraid to stand alone.”

Most Qualified from Neil Riser for Treasurer on Vimeo.

If you think about it, this could be of a piece with Riser’s overture to Democrat voters in New Orleans The Hayride discussed this morning. Those who were most aggravated by the state sales tax increase were lower-income voters, who took a disproportionate hit due to that increase. Middle-class conservatives in the suburbs aren’t calling their legislators about that tax increase; it’s Democrat legislators who are catching those calls.

In Schroder’s defense, one could argue that there wasn’t much that could be done a few months after Jindal left the state budget in disarray. Additionally, the sales tax that Schroder supported also included a sunset provision. But critics of that oft-used defense will say that the sun never sets on taxes in the Louisiana Legislature. Time will tell.

Schroder resigned the legislature to run for office, so he won’t get to vote on renewing the sunset – win or lose. But if he does win, the bully pulpit position created by John N. Kennedy will still be a loud mechanism for opposing taxes in the legislature. If Schroder is the next Treasurer, it would be interesting to see how he handles the attempt to renew a tax that he once voted for.

The real loser in this exchange is Angele Davis, who technically didn’t “vote against” the sales tax – but was never in the legislature and had no vote! You can bet the Angele Davis camp will use this as a jumping off point to remind everyone that she has never been a politician and she never had a chance to vote on the sales tax increase and that Riser is playing “dirty political games.”

Angele Davis surely must have been too busy making phone calls and going door to door for Trump back then, in the spring time of 2016, to have even weighed in on the sales tax. #MAGA (or something).


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