Congressman Clay Higgins Endorses Neil Riser In Treasurer’s Race

State Senator Neil Riser (R-Columbia), candidate for State Treasurer, has landed a big endorsement for his campaign.

Yesterday, Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA3) released a Facebook video showing support for Riser.

I support Neil Riser for the State Treasurer’s position. I’ve come to know Neil very well. He’s a humble man…drives an old pickup truck and is very conservative,” said Rep. Higgins.


It’s hard to say if endorsements ever really move the needle. The voters never seem to respond in an overwhelming way to them. The best example of this was seen recently in Alabama when President Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange seemingly had little effect on a populace who also adore the President. Voters have a mind of their own.

And it’s fair to note that in the endorsement parade, John Schroder has Riser beaten on sheer volume. Earlier in the campaign Schroder boasted of the endorsements of over 90 public officials around the state. Riser’s campaign has picked up quite a few endorsements since, but his roster isn’t what Schroder’s is even now.

But one thing can be sure – the State Treasurer’s race is boring. Early Voting statistics have indicated that the State of Louisiana might be about to break the record for lowest turnout % ever in a statewide election. Secretary of State Tom Schedler has suggested the turnout could be as low as 12% statewide, even with a New Orleans Mayor’s race inflating the overall total.

The early voting in Acadiana was particularly low. For comparison, there was a local Sales Tax election in Lafayette Parish on April 29th. The Hayride covered it and it was a hotly contested tax election. But it was STILL just a spring time tax election that generally attracts a small turnout.  In April, 4,146 early votes were cast leading up to that election. But for comparison, only 2,286 had early voted for this upcoming October 14th election.

When a PSC race and State Treasurer’s race can barely generate half the interest of a sales tax spring election, we are certainly witnessing a new phenomenon in election history.

Perhaps Higgins’ greatest impact for Riser would be creating an increase in turnout from the Congressman’s base – a group of voters who likely overlap quite a bit with the President’s base. One might assume those voters would typically skip out on a low turnout election for State Treasurer, but they may turn out now on Saturday because of Higgins’ endorsement. This could likely carryover into Vermilion, Iberia and Acadia Parishes, where Higgins ran very strong on his way to victory on December 10th. We will see whether that’s the case on Saturday.

But then again, who knows? (And also, apparently, who cares?)

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