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Obama’s DOJ Destroys all Semblance of Decency with Attack on LA Voucher Program

The judicial assault by President Obama’s Justice Department on Louisiana’s school voucher initiative makes me shake with anger and sick with sadness at the Administration’s absurd contention that the program violates decades-old desegregation plans. As Clint Bolick writes in his... (Continue reading)

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As Many Questions Raised as Answered Following Tuesday’s Federal Election

In the wake of the November 6 elections, one must wonder why—after two years of inflamed rhetoric, endless politicking, and a combined $6 billion in campaign spending—Americans went to the polls and essentially endorsed the status quo. President Obama won... (Continue reading)

The State of Play in National Politics and Why Nothing is Getting Done

Now that the national political conventions are comfortably behind us, the presidential debates have begun and the race is in full and final swing; let me point out the obvious: Politics and Policy no longer mix. Any casual observer of... (Continue reading)

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KAUFMAN: 35 Days until the Presidential Election — Prediction Time

Louisiana and its eight electoral votes are irrelevant to presidential campaigns these days in case you hadn’t noticed. We are a Red State and will be for the foreseeable future. This insignificance was not always the case as Mike Bayhem... (Continue reading)

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KAUFMAN: Infrastructure Spending And The Gas Tax

Traffic congestion in Baton Rouge constantly forces a debate about whether to build a loop around the city.  I don’t think I want to wade into that discussion although I do have an opinion (Hint: what did Shreveport do?)… Instead,... (Continue reading)

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