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CASSIDY: Government Should Honor Tax-Exempt Housing For Religious Institutions

One of the best parts of traveling all across Louisiana is meeting so many passionate and caring people. Louisianans care about this state, the direction of the country and how they can make the world a better place in their... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: Landrieu Fails First Test With Rhea Suh Debacle

There is a reason why folks from energy-rich states across the country have been concerned about Rhea Suh becoming the Assistant Secretary of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for the U.S. Department of Interior. In this powerful post, she would oversee... (Continue reading)

CASSIDY: Mary’s Playing A Game Of Political Charades

Time and time again during the health care debate, the American people were promised, “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan, period. No one will take it away.” By now, it is obvious this statement... (Continue reading)

CASSIDY: Debt And Deficits Are The Next Battles In Washington

Although the recent federal budget situation is now resolved, there remains intertwined issues of the debt, deficit, Obamacare and the relationship between Washington and the taxpayers who pay the bills. These issues are central to the ongoing debate between conservative... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: The Arrogance In Washington

Congress continues to have the lowest approval rating in history, and so many of my colleagues in Washington wonder why. A perfect example of why Americans continue to mistrust and disapprove of Congress is their handling of the immigration debate. ... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: The Three-Year Obamacare Hustle

With the passage of Obamacare’s third anniversary, I’ve been thinking about all the implications of the law and, frankly, I feel hustled. This is how every American should feel about Obamacare. Since 1981, I have practiced medicine, treating uninsured patients... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: Is Louisiana Natural Gas The Future Of American Energy?

America’s economy, manufacturing sector and energy security is poised for a comeback if Washington is willing to get out of the way and let a new fuel source once again lead us to prosperity: domestic natural gas. There are major... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: It’s Time To Address America’s Mental Health Problem

As a doctor, I know it can be tempting when treating a complex disease to try and cover up the symptoms instead of diagnosing the source of the problem. America is in the midst of a heated debate about gun... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: Obama’s Medicaid Expansion Will Bankrupt States

As a practicing doctor serving in Congress, I am glad Mitt Romney and President Obama are debating Medicaid. For 20 years, I have taught and treated patients in a safety-net hospital. For 20 years, I have seen well-meaning politicians harm... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: There Are Great Opportunities In Natural Gas If We Fix The Tax Code

As gasoline prices rise, it is wise to ask what our country can do to lower gas prices. Some things are obvious. We can lower gas prices by increasing the supply of domestic oil. This can be achieved by quickening... (Continue reading)

CASSIDY: Fundamental Shift Needed To Tackle Deficit, Health Care

By Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), Kenneth Thorpe, Emory University American health care spending continues to rise, and by 2019, health care costs will approach $4.5 trillion – nearly 20 percent of our projected GDP. With this... (Continue reading)

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BILL CASSIDY: Why I Voted Against The Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Last week, I voted against the payroll tax extension. Although I gave several reasons for voting no, attention has been paid to my objections that Louisiana was singled out to partially pay for the deficit spending included in the bill. These objections... (Continue reading)

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The Promise Of Hydraulic Fracturing

As the debate continues over the best way to create jobs in America, Democrats continue to claim that increasing energy costs through regulation will create opportunities in the “green” economy. This argument fails to realize that with the advent of... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: Washington Dysfunction And The Payroll Tax

Last week, House Republicans passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011. The areas of agreement between House Republicans and President Obama have been far and few between, but this bi-partisan legislation did exactly what he... (Continue reading)

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On The Failure Of The Super Committee

Several people have asked me what my thoughts are after the Super Committee failed to agree upon spending cuts. My first thought and emotion was one of frustration. The national debt continues at $14 trillion and is growing. The longer... (Continue reading)

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Washington Should Take A Page From Louisiana’s Constitution On The Budget

Americans are discussing the federal government’s debt and deficits. America’s budget deficits — the amount of money the United States spends annually beyond what we take in — are unsustainable. The deficit this year is $1.5 trillion and 42 percent... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: This Is A Jobs Plan That Works

During the past couple years, debate has raged over how our country can create jobs and grow out of the recession. Many of the jobs Washington, D.C., has subsidized in the “green energy” industry are in companies competing with lower-cost... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: ‘Recovery Summer’ This Ain’t

One year ago, President Obama declared that America was on the cusp of a “Recovery Summer.” His hope was that the $1 trillion stimulus and his health care plan known as Obamacare, which he and the Democrat-controlled Congress enacted, would... (Continue reading)

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CASSIDY: The GOP Approach To Medicare

Paul Ryan’s budget has ignited the debate over the future of Medicare. CMS Director Don Berwick recently opined in the Wall Street Journal on the superiority of Obamacare in controlling Medicare costs. Dr. Berwick and Congressional Democrats believe that increasing... (Continue reading)

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Louisiana House Delegation Calls For Adequate Dredging Of State Rivers, Increased Levee Protection

The Louisiana House Delegation today called on President Obama and the House Appropriations Committee to ensure adequate dredging of state rivers as well as increased protection to its levee systems in response to recent record flooding.  Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA)... (Continue reading)

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