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JINDAL: Give States The Tools And They’ll Reform Health Care For Real

They’re practically the first words out of one’s mouth the second a Washington reporter hears about a new health reform proposal: “How many people does your plan cover?” The basic premise of the America Next health plan I’m endorsing today... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Bill DeBlasio’s War For Poverty

This year, many on the left are celebrating 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared his War on Poverty — an era that saw the creation of massive new government programs that liberals proclaimed would raise living standards for the... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: The Liberal Left’s Misplaced Priorities

What does have against individuals with disabilities? On first glance, it may appear an odd question to ask. But when it comes to the liberal organization’s new ad campaign attempting to persuade states to expand their Medicaid programs, it’s a sad... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Provocative Weakness

Sixty-nine years after the American president traveled to the Crimean peninsula to capitulate to a Russian strongman, Barack Obama’s weakness is pushing the United States to another generational conflict with Moscow. In exchange for some phony promises of future, multilateral... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: America, We Can Do Better

In Washington, facts can sometimes be stubborn things. I guess that’s why some media pundits thought my comments at a governors’ association meeting last Monday—which highlighted the slow growth and failed economic policies of our President—impolitic or impolite. But let’s... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: 10 Ways Obama’s Phone And Pen Could Jumpstart The Economy

From the perspective of our nation’s capital, the economic picture looks bright. Washington, D.C., has become a beacon of thriving economic growth under President Obama, home to the nation’s most powerful and affluent, a boomtown financed by the American taxpayer.... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Obamacare Is Anything But Compassionate

The verdict is in, and it’s not good: Obamacare is rippling through the U.S. economy with vast implications for American prosperity. On Friday, we learned that the Obama economy has hit stall speed, with a paltry 113,000 jobs added in... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: DOJ’s Attack On Vouchers Just Won’t Go Away

President Obama’s Department of Justice is continuing its attempt to red-tape and regulate the Louisiana Scholarship Program to death. The Department’s request for a 45-day review period for every scholarship award shows the Justice Department believes bureaucrats in Washington know... (Continue reading)

JINDAL: Forget About 2016; The Battle Is In 2014

Who’s running for president in 2016? Who’s up? Who’s down? Those are the questions that have the chattering class in Washington all atwitter, and all over Twitter, these days. All potential candidates have their own lines they use to deflect... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Let’s Have An End To The Race Stuff

Scan the news on any given day in America, and you will invariably find multiple stories about race, racism, ethnicity, and race relations. We can’t seem to get enough of this topic, and correspondingly, the media appetite for all things... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Obamacare’s ‘Navigator’ Program Is Ripe For Disaster

We already know ObamaCare is a poorly-conceived law that is unworkable in the real world. We know the law is already driving health care premiums through the roof contrary to what President Obama promised. For instance, in my home state,... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: New Orleans Is America’s Comeback City

Eight years ago this month, Hurricane Katrina struck our shores, devastated our state and left the city of New Orleans in peril. Many people thought the city would never fully recover, but state and local leaders have worked together to... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: A New Era For Health Care In Louisiana

It is an exciting time in our state as we embark on a new era for health care in Louisiana that will greatly improve care, reduce costs for patients and taxpayers and better prepare the doctors of tomorrow. We are... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: No, We Didn’t Cut Anybody With Developmental Disabilities

Editor’s Note: Since Gov. Bobby Jindal announcement a few cuts to state budget items via a line item veto, he’s been excoriated on Twitter and in the state’s newspapers for swinging a budget axe at the developmentally disabled – with... (Continue reading)

JINDAL: GOP Needs Action, Not Navel-Gazing

We’ve had enough. Yes, we just lost our second straight presidential election to Barack Obama. Yes, losing is painful and has consequences. Yes, when you lose, you make adjustments. Enough already. Let’s get on with it. Yes, we have plenty... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Louisiana Wins In 2013 Lege Session

The legislative session wrapped up this past week in Baton Rouge.  I am happy with the results, and you should be too.  Let me explain four reasons why. First, we produced a balanced budget that invests in our priorities, doesn’t... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Obama’s Woes Flow Out Of Big Government Philosophy

The latest problems with the IRS witch hunt, the seizure of phone records from The Associated Press, the conflicting Benghazi stories and disastrous attempts to enforce Obamacare may all seem unrelated, but they are not. Each of these events is... (Continue reading)

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JINDAL: Medicaid Expansion Is Bad For Louisiana

Editor’s Note: didn’t we talk about this issue before? Why, yes. Yes we did. This week, the Louisiana Legislature will begin debating legislation that would force Louisiana to expand Medicaid as part of President Obama’s health care law. It’s a... (Continue reading)

JINDAL: I’ll Trash My Tax Plan, But Give Me An Income Tax Repeal You Can Pass

Editor’s Note: Below is the text of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s speech at the opening of the 2013 Regular Session of the Louisiana state legislature which just concluded. In it, the Governor makes news – he announces he’s dumping overboard his... (Continue reading)

JINDAL: Eliminating Income Taxes And Loopholes Will Grow Louisiana’s Economy

Over the past five years, we overhauled our ethics laws, revamped workforce development programs, eliminated burdensome business taxes and passed landmark reforms to help give every child in Louisiana the opportunity to get a great education. Every challenge we have... (Continue reading)

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