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KANE: How Louisiana Can Get Smart On Crime

Conservatives in other states have blazed a trail that we can follow Louisiana has the nation’s highest rate of incarceration. This is costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars in increased corrections expenditures, to say nothing of the incalculable... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Report Says Natural Gas Could Help The Environment

A new report, released Tuesday by The Pelican Institute, provides insight into how Louisiana’s growing natural gas industry may help the state’s economic and environmental outlook. Risk Reward & Revolution” by Alex Bozmoski and Andrew Holland shows that while environmental... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Smart on Sentencing, Smart on Crime: On Reforming LA Sentencing Laws

New study explains how to safely reduce Louisiana’s nonviolent prison population, implement fairer sentencing and reduce corrections spending Louisiana has the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the country and has seen its prison population and expenditures more than double in... (Continue reading)

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KANE: How Does Trapping Kids In Lousy Schools Advance Civil Rights?

The United States Justice Department is suing to block Louisiana’s voucher program in districts under desegregation orders. The Justice Department argues that vouchers “impeded the desegregation process” in these districts. We believe this action is unjust for several reasons: While... (Continue reading)

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The Pelican Institute’s Response To Dick Durbin

Why is a United States Senator using a state-level policy issue to harass and intimidate think tanks and their supporters?  Last week the Pelican Institute was one of many organizations to receive a remarkable letter from United States Senator Dick Durbin. Senator... (Continue reading)

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KANE: School Choice Doesn’t Build Walls, It Opens Doors

Common sense should prevail over a failed ideology Robert Mann’s recent critique of Louisiana’s education reforms begins with the astonishingly inapt metaphor of people being walled apart. In fact, allowing families more freedom to decide what school is best for their child... (Continue reading)

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KANE: The Case For Reform, Jefferson Parish Edition

Education leaders implemented bold changes and the results are impressive   Introduction The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) is benefiting from a remarkable initiative for accountability and reform within the school district. Beginning in 2010 with the election of... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Why Course Choice Matters

Louisiana’s education establishment may not like the competition, but students will enjoy more options than ever before Introduction Due to recent court rulings regarding the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) funding, one of Louisiana’s most innovative educational programs, Course Choice, is... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Medicaid Expansion Is Even Worse Than You Thought

New data highlights reasons for Louisiana lawmakers to say “no thanks” to feds Although Louisiana’s House of Representatives rejected a bill to expand Medicaid, a Senate committee approved a different Medicaid expansion bill and the House will be reviewing other... (Continue reading)

KANE: Register Today For The ‘Whither Republicans?’ Luncheon

There has been much spirited debate over the future of the Republican party since the November elections. Disappointing electoral results and demographic challenges highlight difficult questions facing the G.O.P. How do Republicans gain popular support without abandoning party principles? Which... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Bob Mann Baselessly Accuses Medicaid Expansion Opponents Of Racism

Yesterday the Health and Welfare Committee of the Louisiana House of Representatives considered whether Louisiana should participate in the Medicaid expansion being promoted by the federal government through President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. I testified at the hearing, explaining why... (Continue reading)

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KANE: The Trouble With Medicaid

Building on the failures of the welfare state will do more harm than good in Louisiana A key feature of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) was the expansion of Medicaid throughout the states. When the United States Supreme Court... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Lessons For Legislators From Margaret Thatcher

Principles from the “Iron Lady” apply to Louisiana education reform The recent death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher invites reflection on the career of this remarkable figure. Naturally, this period of reflection includes speculation on where a great leader... (Continue reading)

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KANE: How Online Learning Can Transform Louisiana’s K-12 Education

Nationwide, online learning is booming. Just over a decade ago, fewer than 50,000 K-12 students took an online course; today several million students do, and the growth of online learning is accelerating. According to one study, in 2010, 30 percent... (Continue reading)

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KANE: Fat Public School Salaries Cause Their Budget Woes, Not Vouchers

Scholarship critics ignoring the real culprits: more staff for fewer students and skyrocketing benefits   A number of school districts have argued that they will face financial hardships if students elect to participate in the Louisiana Scholarship Program and attend... (Continue reading)

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The Pelican Institute invites you to attend an Evening Reception & Viewing of InJustice Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012. In this first-ever, feature-length film about the American legal system, InJustice showcases how the class action lawsuit, born from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was... (Continue reading)

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KANE: The Louisiana Teacher Union Paradox

Editor’s Note: This is the Executive Summary of a larger report, which can be viewed in full at the Pelican Post. Recent legislative sessions have not been kind to Louisiana’s two teacher unions, the Louisiana Association of Educators (“LAE”) and the Louisiana Federation... (Continue reading)

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Pelican Institute Announces Policy Orientation Program For Leges, General Public Dec. 12

Friends, Thursday we officially announced our upcoming Policy Orientation for the Louisiana Legislature. This orientation – the first of its kind in Louisiana – will bring together an all-star group of speakers and panelists from around the state and across... (Continue reading)

Vote Yes On Saturday To Prevent New Taxes

The single proposed constitutional amendment on Saturday’s ballot would prohibit the state and local governments from imposing a tax or fee on real estate transfers. For a comprehensive description of the proposed amendment, we direct you to a report from... (Continue reading)

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State Budget Cuts Don’t Threaten Louisiana’s Cultural Heritage

Over at The Lens, contributor Nathan C. Martin recently criticized the Louisiana legislature for cutting statewide funding for the arts. While Martin rightly celebrates Louisiana’s culture, his argument for increased government subsidies falls short. He claims that the budget cuts undermine the... (Continue reading)

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