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LANDRY: Let The Sunshine In!

Transparency bill will help curb cronyism in the AG’s office Former US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once famously wrote, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”  At the time, 1913, Brandeis... (Continue reading)

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The Hidden Cost of the Tort Tax

In case you didn’t know, Tax Day is upon us, and Uncle Sam wants his money.  As accountants look longingly at their calendars to mark the end of busy tax season, and the rest of us rush to mail or... (Continue reading)

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LANDRY: A Guide To This Session’s Top Legal Reform Bills

The Louisiana Legislature kicked off the 2014 regular session today, beginning a series of discussions about the most important issues facing the state.  Already it is clear lawsuit reform will be front and center in the debate. After seeing years... (Continue reading)

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LANDRY: A “Perception Problem,” Or Perhaps More, In Louisiana’s Judiciary

Political columnist John Maginnis once described the old system of lawmakers holding fundraising during the Legislative Session as “tantamount to legalized extortion.” Before the practice was banned in 2005 due in large part to the leadership of Governor Kathleen Blanco,... (Continue reading)

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LANDRY: Caldwell’s Contingency Fees Are At Issue, Again

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is making headlines again.  This time he’s asking a Baton Rouge judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that he illegally approved a resolution allowing a New Orleans-based flood protection board to contract with private plaintiffs’ lawyers to... (Continue reading)

Looking back, moving forward

Pop Quiz:  What was your new year’s resolution and have you already abandoned it? According to those who study these kinds of things, the top three resolutions for Americans in 2014 were: 1.) Lose weight 2.) Get organized 3.) Spend... (Continue reading)

LANDRY: ‘Buddy System’ Earns Louisiana #2 ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Ranking

An unfortunate combination of contingency-fee lawyers, plaintiff-friendly judges, and a seemingly ethically-challenged state attorney general has earned Louisiana the dubious distinction of being named the number two “Judicial Hellhole” in the country by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA).According to... (Continue reading)

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AG’s Record Questionable – At Best – on Contingency Fees

I recently read with great interest Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s commentary touting his commitment to the “longstanding Louisiana Supreme Court’s ruling in Meredith v. Ieyoub, in which the court held the state of Louisiana is prohibited from issuing contingency fee... (Continue reading)

New Report Highlights ‘Activist’ Tendencies of the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal

The Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal has issued an alarming series of ‘activist’ decisions, according to a new report released today by the non-partisan legal watchdog group, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW). “Our report highlights numerous cases where the... (Continue reading)

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It’s Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week – Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

This week marks Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, when groups across the country stop to reflect on the negative effects of lawsuit abuse.  These effects can include increased costs of consumer goods, decreased compensation for real victims and reduced access to... (Continue reading)

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Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals: An Activist Court?

The notion of “separation of powers” is a fundamental principle of our democracy, both at the state and national levels. Under this doctrine, laws are passed by the legislature and enforced by the executive branch. The judiciary’s role is to... (Continue reading)

Support Small Businesses, Stop Lawsuit Abuse

Small business owners and entrepreneurs face many challenges.  From changing health care laws to new taxes and regulations, it is tough owning a small business in America these days.  Frivolous lawsuits and a poor legal climate make it even tougher... (Continue reading)

LANDRY: Levee Board Lawsuit The Latest Chapter In Trial Lawyer Greed

The latest chapter on trial lawyer greed exploded onto headlines in newspapers across the country this summer, when a New Orleans based levee board filed suit against scores of energy companies that operate along Louisiana’s coast. Under the direction of... (Continue reading)

THE BUDDY SYSTEM: You’ve Got To Pay To Play

Related: HAYRIDE INVESTIGATES: The Curious Buddy System Of Louisiana AG Caldwell The WWL Piece On Buddy Caldwell You Simply Won’t Believe THE BUDDY SYSTEM: Caldwell’s Illegal (And Expensive) Contingency-Fee Contracts As we’ve reported, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is using legally... (Continue reading)

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THE BUDDY SYSTEM: Caldwell’s Illegal (And Expensive) Contingency-Fee Contracts

Related: HAYRIDE INVESTIGATES: The Curious Buddy System Of Louisiana AG Caldwell The WWL Piece On Buddy Caldwell You Simply Won’t Believe Last October, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell issued an immodest press release announcing that his office obtained more than $83... (Continue reading)

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HAYRIDE INVESTIGATES: The Curious Buddy System Of Louisiana AG Caldwell

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of state attorneys general—one focuses his office on rooting out public corruption and defending the state constitution against threats of intrusion from the federal government.  The other sees himself as the Plaintiff Attorney-In-Chief and... (Continue reading)

Legislature Fails to Address Predatory Lending, ‘Fast Cash’ Lawsuit Loans

Earlier this month the Louisiana House Commerce Committee rejected a bill that would have protected vulnerable consumers from predatory lawsuit loans. The vote was 11-6 to kill this common sense bill. If you’ve watched late-night television anytime in the last... (Continue reading)

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LA Senate Advances Lawsuit Lending Bill to Protect Consumers from Lawsuit Loan Sharks

The Louisiana Senate voted 34-1 yesterday in favor of Senate Bill 166 by Senator Dan Claitor (R-Baton Rouge), which seeks to regulate the lawsuit lending industry by imposing a cap on the fees and interest rates that lawsuit lenders can... (Continue reading)

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Lawsuit Loan Sharks Dangerous to Louisiana Consumers and Courts

Beware: a new breed of predator is lurking in Louisiana’s legal waters preying upon unsuspecting consumers and our courts for its own financial gain. Much like a shark who is drawn to a feeding frenzy by the smell of blood,... (Continue reading)

Poor legal climate leads to higher auto insurance rates

Louisiana has once again earned the dubious distinction of having the most expensive auto insurance rates in the country. A recent USA Today article highlighted the rankings compiled by, which put Louisiana in the No. 1 spot for the... (Continue reading)