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VIDEO: Somebody Finally Found Out How To Make Soccer Interesting

This, I could get into. See, they even got Jimmy Fallon into it. Except I don’t think he liked it as much as the eye-talians in that gym did. The rest of all that soccer stuff? Turrible. They need to... (Continue reading)

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We Just Found Out How Overlawyered Louisiana Is

Damn, y’all. They just had a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives at that big phallus close by the Exxon refinery about how much cash has to be in the pot before they let you have a... (Continue reading)

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The Viral ‘All-Time Best Airline Flight Attendant Safety Speech’ Video

This is why you fly Southwest. You’re in a cattle car at 35,000 feet, but they get you there about as fast and as cheap as possible – and they got a sense of humor about it. Plus, they’re a... (Continue reading)

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Here’s Some Evidence That Weed And Politics Don’t Mix

Y’all heard of Gwendolyn Chapman? Not yet? Well, we can change that for you. Gwendolyn Chapman is runnin’ in the “mayortorial” election in Jackson. Mississippi, y’all. But I don’t think she’s gonna win. Not sure about that, but let’s just... (Continue reading)

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Congressman Vance McAllister, Louisiana’s Own Kissin’ Bandit

UPDATE: Well, yeah… “There’s no doubt I’ve fallen short and I’m asking for forgiveness. I’m asking for forgiveness from God, my wife, my kids, my staff, and my constituents who elected me to serve,” he said in a statement issued... (Continue reading)

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See How Far You Can Get Into This Before You Lose Your Ever-Lovin’

This is where your welfare state and your cultural Marxism gets you. Welcome to hell. I made it through this, and I laughed my lil’ rodent butt off. But I’m kinda goofy like that. You squares won’t be able to.... (Continue reading)

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Poverty-Pimpin’ The Payday Loan Thang

Here’s somethin’ fun for y’all to do. Go to your Facebook an’ type in “Together Louisiana” in that search bar deal at the top. An’ then click on ‘em. You don’t think that’s fun? Fine. I’ll do it for you.... (Continue reading)

And Now…BaneCat

We ain’t too proud to do cat videos, and you’re gonna watch this one. It’s too damn funny not to.... (Continue reading)

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Look, Y’all, The Louisiana Senate Race Is Boring

There. I said it. Everybody happy now? I can say this Mary Landrieu-Bill Cassidy-Rob Maness-Hollis Paul (or whatever his name is) thing is boring, because now I have a standard to hold it up to. B’leeve it or not, we’re... (Continue reading)

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An Unfortunate Ad, To Be Sure…

Malaysian Airlines put this ad out when they added Boeing 777′s to their fleet several years ago. They weren’t kiddin’. UPDATE: Yeah, yeah. I’m sure it’s a fake. Ask yourself this – do you really care?... (Continue reading)

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So, #Schmuckshaming?

I could get into this. MacAoidh set up a hashtag on Facebook and Twitter, which you can do, and he started taking screenshots of some really dopey people who came out and said they’d vote for Edwin Edwards. Then he... (Continue reading)

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Since The Session Starts Today, A Video…

…which is pretty much what y’all can expect is gonna happen for the next three months. Post by Stephen England. Yeah, that’s about it. They got a lotta bills filed. None of the real important ones are gonna pass. But... (Continue reading)

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Y’all Do Know Mary Landrieu Has Taken Big Cash From The Kochs, Right?

Yeah. She has. Says it right there at Open Secrets. I’d link it, but the links to search pages on that site don’t work worth a durn. You can look it up, tho. Koch Industries has given 20K to Mary’s... (Continue reading)

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What’s Awesome About Mardi Gras? This Is What…

…how many places can you see cops on Canal Street doin’ the Wobble with the hooples before the Endymion parade? Nowheres, that’s how many. This cat’s name is Winston Harbin and he’s a detective. He’s gettin’ famous, but not for... (Continue reading)

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Y’all Wanna Know What Happened When Obama Called Putin?

Basically, it was this… This guy Putin is makin’ a mockery outta this 21st century leadership caste we got in America and elsewhere. You can’t get elected here or in the UK or somewhere “advanced” anymore if you’re a badass.... (Continue reading)

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VIDEO: Remy’s Working 1 To 5 Thanks To Obamacare

When this guy gets to makin’ fun of government idiots, it’s always a nice show. And now he’s turnin’ it loose about what Obamacare is doin’ to the workplace. Enjoy…... (Continue reading)

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OH, ALL RIGHT: Here. Goats.

I guess I’m the animal-videos guy on this site. For pretty obvious reasons, I guess. And I guess y’all wanna see this stuff. So, since I aims to please, that means it falls to me to do it. Lawd knows... (Continue reading)

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Y’all Only Think Y’all Know About A Honey Badger

Yeah, yeah, he takes what he wants. And yeah, he don’t give a s–t. All that is fine. You prolly saw all the honey badger videos where they beat up a bee hive and get stung by a million bees,... (Continue reading)

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VIDEO: Two Crazy Russians Climb Shanghai Tower With No Wires

These guys apparently do this stuff all the time, and apparently have yet to splatter on the concrete. At some point, that probably changes. But, bein’ as though they’re Russians, that’s prolly not a worse fate than what most of... (Continue reading)

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Wanna See An Alligator Climb A Fence?

They can do that, y’know. You might think, if you live close by a swamp, that you can just fence in your yard and your pets are safe or that you won’t end up with a seven-foot reptile pokin’ around... (Continue reading)