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Mary Landrieu A Champion of Oil And Gas?

In a new political ad, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu portrays herself as a champion of oil and gas throughout the state. However, this contradicts a report by the Wall Street Journal back in December that found that Landrieu’s leadership political... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: The Haynesville Shale Play Is Far From Over

Common thought is that the Haynesville Shale natural gas play is over. Pack up your trucks and move to another shale play. False. What the media portrays, might not be the correct facts. Indeed, the Haynesville did see a mass... (Continue reading)

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WAGUESPACK: Stop The Legacy Lawsuit Madness

Hopefully, the third time is the charm. In 2006 and in 2012, Louisiana passed legislation dealing with legacy lawsuits. These bills set up a process to promote the responsible cleanup of property stemming in most cases from production completed many... (Continue reading)

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DEATH OF A LAWSUIT: SLFPA-E Lawyers Throw A Hail Mary Pass

As this legislative session has proceeded, it has become completely obvious that the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East is not going to be able to carry through with its $8 billion lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies for their... (Continue reading)

WAGUESPACK: A Compromised Legacy

Louisiana is a unique state, and that is exactly the way we like it. Let’s face it; we pride ourselves in being just a little bit different from every other state. We don’t have counties; we have parishes. Our political... (Continue reading)

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The Flood Authority Lawsuit Is Getting Strangled By The Legislature

Last night on the floor of the Louisiana Senate, the trial lawyers and environmental nuts took a beating, as a bill by Sen. Robert Adley to make illegal the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East’s $8 billion lawsuit against 97 oil... (Continue reading)

The New NIPCC Report Says Man Has No Effect On The Climate

Say whaaaaaat? “The human impact on global climate is small, and any warming that may occur as a result of human carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions is likely to have little effect on global temperatures, the cryosphere... (Continue reading)

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Tom Steyer Trumps James Varney

Yesterday, the Times-Picayune’s conservative columnist James Varney wrote a very solid piece describing how the Hard Left’s efforts to enforce their worldview on energy policy are running up against electoral necessity in places like Louisiana… That last pipeline, of course,... (Continue reading)

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AFTERBURNER: Gulliver, Unbound

In this Afterburner, Bill Whittle examines the Crimea situation–should we be panicked about damaging our relations with Russia? Not really. No thanks to Obama and his cronies, the US has developed its own energy sources, and built up its own... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: A Confused Judge And A Major Economic Threat

Oil and gas producers beware. Earlier this week, Judge Janice Clark ruled against the oil and gas industry.  The judge did not issue her own ruling, but instead took the position, word for word, of the Attorney General and his... (Continue reading)

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CORNELL: Introducing

In Louisiana, citizens with likeminded interests from similar geographic and social circles often band together to form an organization to celebrate Mardi Gras. These “Krewes” as they’re known, put on lavish masquerade balls and even parade through the streets during... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: Coming Soon, The Great Louisiana Biodiesel Time Bomb

Unless the Louisiana Legislature acts in its session beginning tomorrow, it looks like a ticking time bomb can go off to the detriment of the pocketbooks of the state’s fuel consumers and taxpayers but to the benefit of a special... (Continue reading)

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Cassidy: It’s Time To Fast-Track Natural Gas Exports

Indeed. From a press release just issued… Congressman Bill Cassidy co-sponsored legislation to accelerate the approval process for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) exports to our allies, which would likely include Ukraine. This would help to relieve nations that are potentially... (Continue reading)

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Adley Files Ethics Complaint Over The Wade Shows-Janice Clark Fundraiser

The Advocate has the story of State Sen. Robert Adley (R-Benton) filing a complaint with the Louisiana Supreme Court over the question of Judge Janice Clark having a fundraiser hosted by attorney Wade Shows while the latter is representing a... (Continue reading)

Clancy DuBos Takes His Hacks At The Oil Business

If you saw Clancy DuBos’ latest entry at the New Orleans Gambit website, you might have been struck by the level of vitriol he aimed at Don Briggs, the president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. The headline: Briggs’ pathetic... (Continue reading)

State GOP To Mary: What Are You Gonna Do About Karen Carter Peterson?

Below is a release by the Louisiana GOP which picks up, to an extent, on the issue of the Louisiana Democrat Party’s endorsement of the coastal/oil and gas lawsuits that we talked about earlier this week. This is actually a... (Continue reading)

Enbridge Energy And “The People”

Watch this, and then ask yourself how patient you’d have been if a bunch of malcontent morons like this came to your house at 10:00 at night to berate you for being in the oil and gas business.... (Continue reading)

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BEAM: Energy Committee Chair Helps Landrieu’s Re-Election

State Republicans don’t agree, but U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., got a boost in her re-election bid when she was named chairwoman of the powerful Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. It may not be a big advantage, but when... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: Mary Is Losing On Issue After Issue

Her political life continues, but the sharks definitely are circling and continue to close in on Sen. Mary Landrieu as her reelection polling numbers erode further, Republicans maneuver to leave her no way out, and the Gromyko of the White... (Continue reading)

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(UPDATED) CORNELL: They’re About To Appoint Salazar Version 2.0 In Washington

UPDATE: We figured this was as good a place as any to include the late-breaking development that Rhea Suh was just endorsed for the new job she’s up for…by Sen. Mary Landrieu. So much for Landrieu’s pro-oil and gas bona... (Continue reading)

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