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High Popalorum


Landrieu on Keystone Pipeline: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

As the Obama Administration announced today it would be delaying the Keystone Pipeline XL project, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) says is calling the delay “unacceptable.” However, Landrieu has donated to some of the most infamous anti-Keystone Pipeline senators, including Sen.... (Continue reading)

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WAGUESPACK: Louisiana, We Have A Problem

Our addiction to lawsuits is hurting us in more ways than we realize. This addiction is rampant, expensive and comes in all shapes and sizes. It takes the form of embracing laws that restrict our citizens’ access to a jury... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (4-18-14)

“More than 2 million Louisianans say they have a job, an all-time high.” – KNOE “With the Lake Pontchartrain phase of the $220 million project to run a pipeline from Norco to Mississippi nearly complete, workers will soon begin drilling... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, National Edition (4-18-14)

“Some time around 1,981 years ago today, the Roman authorities in Palestine executed a nut job who had been running around the countryside claiming he was the Messiah. The nut, named Jesus, was one in a long line of people... (Continue reading)

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THE EASTER POST: Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah,’ Improved

This is making its way around the internet, and it’s beautiful. The singer is Kelley Mooney, and the choir is Chorale Voce dell’ Anima led by Monette Gould. The venue? The Monument Lefebvre in Memramcook, New Brunswick, Canada. And if... (Continue reading)

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Landrieu Dished Out Over $600,000 To Help Elect Fellow Democrats

Over the past four election cycles, between 2008-2014, Sen. Mary Landrieu, via her political action committee known as JAZZ PAC, has dished out approximately $675,500 to help get fellow Senate and Congressional Democrats elected. The following is a complete list... (Continue reading)

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BEAM: The Next Move Is Up To McAllister

Now that some of the dust has settled, where are we on the Vance McAllister situation? The Republican establishment wants the U.S. congressman from north Louisiana to resign, but it has a credibility problem. Many of his constituents are willing... (Continue reading)

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HECK: Money, Incorporation And Annexation In Baton Rouge

Buckets of money. That’s the easiest way to understand the revenue streams and collection points in East Baton Rouge Parish. Money flows into and out of these buckets. Currently, there are five buckets of money. 1.) City of Baker 2.)... (Continue reading)

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Ban On Abortion Clinic Staffers Instructing In Schools Passes LA House

Abortion clinic employees and affiliates will be banned from instructing or providing materials on human sexuality or family planning in public elementary or secondary schools or in charter schools receiving state funding, according to legislation that has widely passed through the Louisiana House.... (Continue reading)

VIDEO: Somebody Finally Found Out How To Make Soccer Interesting

This, I could get into. See, they even got Jimmy Fallon into it. Except I don’t think he liked it as much as the eye-talians in that gym did. The rest of all that soccer stuff? Turrible. They need to... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, National Edition (4-17-14)

“Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a ‘highly credible terrorist threat,’ the FBI announced today that it has uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves while the United States... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (4-17-14)

“Louisiana was among the last Deep South states to turn deep red, but when it happened, it happened quickly.” – Baton Rouge Business Report “Sen. Mary Landrieu (D., La.) is coming under fire for fake footage she used in her... (Continue reading)

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Mary’s Ad Gets Panned, Mary’s Poll Numbers Stink On Ice

An ad about to hit the airwaves around the state from the folks at Keep Louisiana Working is taking a poke at Mary Landrieu’s new campaign spot about how hard she fights for the oil and gas industry, and it’s... (Continue reading)

Don Rumsfeld’s Terrific Letter To The IRS

Via Facebook. Rumsfeld apparently sends this in every year as a running protest against the ridiculously complex tax laws…... (Continue reading)

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Does Sherman Mack Look Conservative To You?

Here’s video from the debate Tuesday on HB 917, the jury trial threshold bill by Rep. Ray Garofalo which died on a motion to table with a number of Republicans sticking knives in it… Rep. Sherman Mack works against HB... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: Jindal, Leges Have Already Won On PARCC Politics

So eight legislators snap their fingers and Gov. Bobby Jindal overturns educational policy just like that? Well, it’s not quite that simple to summarize a series of events performed by all parties more to impact perceptions than substance. At the beginning of... (Continue reading)

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Poll: McAllister’s Re-election Hurt By Smoochgate

In a recent poll, conducted after Rep. Vance McAllister was caught making out with his district scheduler and friend’s wife, a little more than half of respondents said the recent extra marital problem of McAllister would keep them from voting to... (Continue reading)

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LA Senate Candidates All Donated To Dems At One Point

Federal election records from Col. Rob Maness, who is running against Rep. Bill Cassidy and Sen. Mary Landrieu for the Louisiana Senate, show that he donated to an Indiana Democrat in 2012 who was running for a congressional seat in the... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, National Edition (4-16-14)

“A Republican congressman has introduced a bill that would stop government paychecks for officials who have been found in contempt of Congress — a move that seems designed in the short term to go after Attorney General Eric H. Holder... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Have A Nice Day!

Atheism is the ultimate incitement leading humans to be selfish. It holds its adherents in a delusional state where reality is contorted leaving them open to the acceptance of being a part of producing pain, suffering and death without remorse.... (Continue reading)

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