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If You Haven’t Read David Horowitz’ Latest Piece At NRO…

…go and read it right now. The headline is descriptive: Why Republicans Need The Tea Party. It’s a piece about why the marriage between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party should survive the current civil war over tactics and... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Chuck The Schmuck Has Struck Again

I thought Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer stepped in a meadow muffin somewhere and tracked it to the podium to address the press. I was wrong and stand corrected. It wasn’t his shoes. It’s his breath exhausting as he spits his... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: The Meadow Muffin

The New York Times told a story of Karl Rove’s Crossroads group. It spoke of it this way: “The biggest donors in the Republican Party are financing a new group to recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: The Headache’s Coming

“I know there is a God – I see the storm coming and I see his hand in it – if he has a place then I am ready – we see the hand” – JFK    I have a... (Continue reading)

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How’s About An Allegory?

Not a biblical one. From a friend on Facebook… Two guys are in a canoe and they are paddling down a river. They are heading towards a waterfall that, if they continue, will destroy them and their boat. Nevertheless, they... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Combat Conservatives

Subset: n 1. (Mathematics) a.  a set the members of which are all members of some given class: A is a subset of B is usually written A≨B b. proper subset one that is strictly contained within a larger class and excludes some of its members.... (Continue reading)

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VIDEO: Wetumpka Tea Party President Blows Away The IRS

This is terrific. The IRS is in a lot of trouble today with the Congressional witnesses testifying to the harassment and intimidation they endured at the hands of left-wing thugs at that agency. Becky Gerritson’s testimony is likely to go... (Continue reading)

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The Chris Dorner Hero-Worship, On Both Sides Of The Aisle

The most disheartening event in the country this week wasn’t the State of the Union address, though that was certainly ugly enough. And it wasn’t the finale of the Chris Dorner rampage, which was certainly horrific enough in its waste... (Continue reading)

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More Back-And-Forth In The Landry-Boustany Fight

In a few previous posts, we talked about some of the attacks leveled by the Charles Boustany camp against Jeff Landry, the other incumbent in the redrawn battleground 3rd District congressional race. But in this one, it’s Landry’s camp who... (Continue reading)

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Is This An Effective Ad?

You guys can judge on this one. It’s more like something you’d see for a lower-tier race than in a presidential campaign. And it’s not a Romney campaign ad; it’s a PAC ad from a Tea Party group formed by... (Continue reading)

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Why Republican Women Will Run To Obama By The Half-Dozens—Even If They Aren’t Paid

By now, you most likely have seen the ad put out by Republican Women for Obama, in which a group of continuous conservative ladies denounce the Republican Party for becoming too radical and explain that they will vote for the... (Continue reading)

Who Are The Terrorists Again?

Shortly after posting some videos about a bunch of tea party types upset that the federal government is labeling them potential terrorists, we get a breaking story about a nut shooting up a conservative-Christian lobbying firm in Washington. Details are... (Continue reading)

Citizens Call On Jindal To Denounce DHS Reports

A group of citizens gathered in Winnsboro Tuesday to ask Gov. Bobby Jindal to speak out against two U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports labeling citizens with traditional American values as potential terrorists. Organizers of the event said that the... (Continue reading)

Un-ringing The Bell

Unringing the bell Toll, v. t. 1. To draw; to entice; to allure.  [1913 Webster];  2. [Probably the same word as toll to draw, and at first meaning, to ring in order to draw people to church.] 3. To call,... (Continue reading)

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C.L. Bryant On PolitiChiks

Louisiana’s own C.L. Bryant, a tea party favorite wherever he goes, appeared on PolitiChicks yesterday. The episode was titled “Rules For Tea Party Radicals,” and Bryant, flanked by the lovely ladies of the conservative news website, made the case that... (Continue reading)

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Democrat Racial Politics Are Alive And Well In Louisiana:

Flip through some history books to learn about racial politics of the 19th Century Democratic Party and you might run across a political ad or two like this: Yeah, it was kind of disgusting the way that the Democratic Party... (Continue reading)

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Will The Real Demagogues Please Stand Up…Or Better Yet, Shut Up

I’ve had some fun today watching Democrats feign righteous indignation over comments made by Rep. Allen West at the Palm Beach County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner, which are being characterized as his telling Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrat National... (Continue reading)

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Would Jesus Join The Tea Party?

Would Jesus be a tea partier if he were walking the earth today? No, I don’t believe he would. Would he be a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement? I definitely don’t buy that one. How about this—he would... (Continue reading)

Campaign Shocker-Rand Paul Does Not Support Newt Gingrich

In case you were wondering, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is not supporting Newt Gingrich for president. Paul, a tea party-candidate who was brought to office in 2010, has penned a letter that appears in this morning’s Des Moines Register explaining... (Continue reading)

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Occupy Wall Street vs. The Tea Party

FreedomWorks has this right, I’d say, except they’re leaving some things out… With a few exceptions, the Tea Party was made up of people who participate in the economy in productive fashion – small business people, professionals and so on.... (Continue reading)

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