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We know our readers are in the know about political items large and small in Louisiana and elsewhere. So if you’ve heard of something hot out there we haven’t covered yet, if you’re sitting on the Next Big Story and aren’t sure about how to bring it into the public eye, just feel free to give us a heads-up and we’ll do our best to tell folks about it for you.

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  1. Sue Walker says:

    How does this work – Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) partnering with the Louisiana Department of Education to set up charter schools @ $200,000 per year for the first three years of the school’s operation?

    JPPSS Acting Superintendent Dr. James Meza, “Partnering with the Department of Education makes perfect sense.

    New legislation gives superintendent hiring and firing authority – not school boards. Supt. Dr. James Meza fired 15 principals on Tuesday. Does he have experienced replacements ready or will there just be chaos – total disorder? How bad will this hurt the economy?

    Will his new principals make sure that teachers receive ineffective ratings? When teachers receive ineffective ratings they lose tenure and can be fired. How bad will this hurt the economy?

    As charters open will he hire TFA people or other uncertified teachers from TNTP?

    Dr. James Meza is also firing/laying off a lot of other employees because he closed and/or consolidated 9 schools. Dr. Meza said they can reapply for jobs in the system and some will be rehired. By firing and re-hiring, he can hire them at a lower rate of pay. State Law says teachers cannot be paid less than they were paid the year before for the same job so this is a way to get around the law. How bad will this hurt the economy?

    The Jefferson Parish School Board voted not to extend their JFT union contract which expires June 30. Rather than extend it and re-negotiate those items that have to be reworked because of new state laws, they voted simply not to renew and start from scratch.

    Dr. James Meza claims he has appointed a negotiating team. Until they do, there is no contract. Teachers have nothing that tells them they will get paid, benefits, lunch duties, etc.

    Most important to get rid of unions and if teachers are non-certified and charters they won't need the union.

    How bad will this hurt the economy? This is everyone’s problem.

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