A Fascist In Florida

By now, our readers have probably become familiar with one of the most obnoxious and kooky Democrats in Congress – namely, Alan Grayson, the raving moonbat from Orlando. If you haven’t had the opportunity to sample some of the idiocy on offer from the portly polecat from the Sunshine State, here’s a taste:

Florida’s 8th District is generally conservative. The 8th district went for Bush in both 2000 and 2004 and had a Republican congressman, Ric Keller, until Grayson came along last year and dropped $3.1 million of his own money in the 2008 race to beat Keller by a 52-48 count amid a Democrat surge. Grayson is just the second Democrat in that seat since the district was created following the 1972 census. So it’s not a surprise that Florida-8 and the surrounding areas would bristle at being represented by someone as incendiarily partisan leftist as Grayson. Along came conservative activist Angie Langley, who started up a website called MyCongressmanIsNuts.com to chronicle Grayson’s fiery dreck and build support for removing him from office. The site isn’t particularly effective as a fundraising tool, but it definitely has been effective in getting Grayson’s attention.

The former plaintiff attorney, who once served as the president of IDT Telecommunications, has gone absolutely bonkers over the site, writing a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that Langley be “fined…and imprisoned
for five years.”

A PDF copy of the letter can be found here.

Grayson is upset because “MyCongressmanIsNuts.com” hurts his feelings, and also because Langley actually lives in Florida’s 5th District rather than the one Grayson represents. As a practicing attorney, one would expect that Grayson might understand the judicial process a bit better than to demand fines and imprisonment of those who disagree with him without the inconvenient steps of an investigation or trial.

Such expectations are unwarranted, though, in that this man has shown himself of an intemperate and unhinged character. Even before Grayson’s ascent to the House of Representatives, he spent his time suing U.S. contractors in Iraq. He’s rather full of himself – Grayson told CBS News “People are happy to see a Democrat with guts.”

Perhaps some do. Others see a Democrat who’s nuts.

What I see, and maybe I’m off-base, is that Grayson:

looks strikingly similar to the evil Nazi thug Gunther Frankel, played by Waldemar Kobus in Black Book.

Of course, Kobus was just acting. Is Grayson?



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