Experience Actually Does Matter

Barack Obama is quite possibly the most inept President in American history.  Time and time again throughout the 2008 campaign, Obama’s experience was called into question, and yet, the Left seemed not to notice or care.  More than being simply politically incompetent, the most glaring flaw in Obama’s behavior is his remarkable inability to govern.  No other time in history has the marked difference between serving legislatively as a Senator and serving in an executive capacity been quite so apparent.

This is not to say that Senators can not be good Presidents.  Sixteen former Presidents were once Senators.  However, only three Presidents have ascended directly from Congress to the White House: Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama.

JFK was the last Senator to have taken over the Presidency, and while he accomplished some commendable achievements, people tend to forget his flaws.  Taking over from Eisenhower, Kennedy inherited an accomplished advisory body well versed in formulating public policy.  He decided to scrap these advisors in favor of a group of Harvard academics known as “the best and the brightest.” Time would prove this label to be a misnomer.  Kennedy and his advisers made perhaps the most ridiculous decision in the history of United States foreign policy: the Bay of Pigs invasion.  The decision-making process was flawed from the start, especially when the New York Times caught wind of the plan and actually printed the details on the front page of the paper…

Would a President with more executive experience have avoided this mistake? Not sure.  However, it’ a safe bet that someone with experience making executive decisions would have conducted a more appropriate decision-making process, and it is a virtual certainty that a better decision-making process would have resulted in a different policy.  So, yeah, the answer is probably, yes.

Barack Obama has failed in just about every way possible in his policy-making, especially with regard to health care and taxes.  Democrats have been calling for some form of universal health care for decades.  So, when Obama decided to take on the project with Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress, it was expected that he would be able to rally the troops with ease.  Instead, Obama and Nancy Pelosi created a monstrosity of a bill not only revolting to the GOP but also unacceptable to many Democrats.  Instead of having to convince Republicans to comply with his scheme, in the end, Obama had to convince his own party to vote for the very legislation they had championed for years.

If this experience didn’t reveal the vast inadequacies in Obama’s ability to govern, his more recent debacle on the Bush tax cuts certainly sealed the deal.  Unlike healthcare, Obama went behind the backs of the real leaders of the Left, Reid and Pelosi, and decided to craft a deal with Republican.  Hey, we’ll take it, but the process was ridiculously ineffective.  Why would he alienate his own party from the decision making process, especially after he had consulted with Congress on every major piece of legislation over the past 2 years?  Then, he comes out on national TV and bashes both sides of the aisle, apparently attempting to show that he is the only reasonable politician in Washington.  In reality, he accomplished the opposite effect.  Now he just looks like a petulant, incompetent fool.   

What’s more he looks like a man who is completely unqualified to operate as the leader of our country.  Whether it is his foreign policy and his ignorant commitment to halting settlement expansion in Israel, his energy policy and his flip-flop from opening up much needed natural resources to closing off those very areas and establishing stringent regulations, or his domestic policy and his remarkable inability to negotiate with a Congress that his party controls absolutely, he has revealed his incompetency in the very ways we feared during the 2008 campaign. 

Oh, and Obama is meeting with Bill Clinton today presumably to talk about his strategy moving forward.  This guy really has absolutely no idea how to govern this country.  Yeah, experience actually does matter.



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