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“Political commentary regarding 2012 today is a treasure trove of great mirth. Obama’s chances of reelection are less than zero. There is a greater possibility that if he tries he will terminate the Democrat party outside of its urban political machines.

“In 1964, Lyndon Johnson won a much bigger landslide than Barack Obama in 2008. By 1968, thanks to the Kennedy tax rate cuts, “the economy was booming, with 4.8% real growth,” as explained by Jeffrey Anderson in Investors Business Daily on November 26. “March 31, 1968…capped an economic quarter in which the real (seasonally adjusted) annual rate of growth in GDP was 8.5%,” as Anderson further explains. What happened on March 31, 1968? That was the day on which Johnson pulled out of his hopeless reelection bid, at the height of ’60s liberalism.

“So, no, a GOP economic recovery is not going to save Barack Obama politically in 2012. But that issue may never arise. Because the Obama Administration is plunging headlong into doing all it can to further prevent economic recovery.”

– Peter Ferrara, in an absolute must-read piece at the American Spectator yesterday.

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