A Piece Of Advice For The Welfare Parasites Out There…

…Don’t talk to the media.

It won’t go well for you.

This comes from a piece in the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph on how poor people can’t get home heating assistance in Macon because the state agency that doles it out doesn’t have enough cash (which comes from the federal government, by the way – it’s Obama money) to go around.

That’s left people such as Raymeica Kelley frustrated. Kelley said she, her mother and her sister arrived at the church about 3 a.m. Wednesday, only to get turned away.

“We were already too late,” she said. “It’s like impossible (to get a ticket). It gets in the way of people who need it. … If we’re there at 3 a.m. and it’s already too late, what time are you supposed to go?”

Kelley said she was unemployed for a year before recently landing a job. But her bills have stacked up while she was unemployed, and she needs the assistance.

Kelley and some of the others who were turned away said they thought about 350 people would get help Wednesday, but the line got cut off at No. 219.

Samuel said his agency did serve 350 on the first day, then made adjustments to the number of people they could serve based on the amount of money left.

Wait just a second – that’s Miz Kelley holding up her light bill in the photo. But what’s that behind her?

Looks like a helluva nice TV, don’t it? And it seems like that’s a fancy game console, too.

How much did the TV and video game system cost?

And did she pay cash for that swag, or did it come from Aaron Rents or Colortyme? Is she paying weekly for that stuff?



Later on in the article we find this…

A few years ago, Kelley said, people who needed assistance were able to call the agency to schedule an appointment. But Samuel said his agency’s phones were overwhelmed when that system was in place, and that a third of the people who made appointments were no-shows.

The situation seems worse this year, he said, because more people need assistance, but there’s less money to go around.

So she’s got a lot of expertise about the history of how the Man gives out heating bill money. Maybe she heard that through the grapevine.

But like another famous “recipient” who made the mistake of pursuing local celebrity said, “It’s pitiful what people give you.” It’s real hard when you’re poor but don’ wanna live poor.

Good luck to Miz Kelley in her new job.



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