Alan Grayson Says Democrats Lost on Nov. 2nd Because They Weren’t Liberal Enough

…which is not completely surprising considering the man’s socialist tendencies.  It is also not a shock given what we know of the man’s intelligence– which is negligible.  And, finally, it is not unexpected when taken with Grayson’s complete lack of political prowess, which he tends to display with regularity.  To be sure, we won’t be sad to see him go, but we certainly will miss the opportunities he gave us to laugh at his absurdity.  So, with Grayson being kicked out the door, here’s a tribute to his stupidity in his own final words to the New York Times:

He has zero faith in the incoming speaker of the House, John A. Boehner, whom he calls a “tool of special interest.”

Which is an interesting comment, considering that in the 2009-2010 election cycle Grayson recieved 49% of his PAC money from labor unions…but I guess he never claimed not to be a hypocrite (that I know of).  We’ll call him one just the same.

He derides the Tea Party’s successes as “bought and paid for by the enormously rich and the selfish.”

This is classic Grayson, and by “classic Grayson” I mean that he resorts to his typical tendency to lie compulsively when faced with a chance to deride the American people.  According to a Gallup poll, Tea Partiers are generally representative of America as a whole, making them, well, members of the middle class.  That’s the very same middle class that Grayson and the Democrats claim to champion at every turn….just not the conservative half apparently.

He is annoyed with Democratic senators for waiting until now to challenge the procedural rules that, he said, allowed a determined group of Republicans to use filibusters to stymie much of the president’s agenda.

This sentiment seems to be relatively consistent with Grayson.  Filibuster reform is a great example of a Democratic power grab that hardly needs explaining except to say that the Left is so selfishly determined to gain influence now that they are willing to ruin their impending future as the minority party.  Not to mention that anytime a lefty can ensure that proper deliberation is refuted, they will do so with pleasure.

This kind of commentary is certainly representative of Alan Grayson’s character.  Good riddance.



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