Depressing Stat Of The Day

In San Francisco, government retirees make more than working people in the private sector.

According to the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System, the average retiree earns a pension of $46,272 per year; retirees who have worked in city government for at least 30 years earn an average annual pension of $76,981. …

On the flip side, regular (non-city government) San Franciscans don’t quite do as well as their publicly-funded counterparts. Families, on average, earn $86,546 and per capita (per person) income is $44,373.

To provide some perspective, this means that the average pension for a government retiree is $46,272, while the average working income of a non-government individual is $44,373.

Think it’s a surprise that Rick Perry goes to California every two weeks to poach companies from there?



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