OK, That’s It. Shutting It Down For The Week.

I had other stuff planned to do on the site today, and I’m actually a little behind on some other things.

But in the last seven days I’ve had a whiny Congressman from New York sic the FBI on me for joking about stupid stuff he said, catch threats from a pollster because I’m opposed to the idea that John Alario ought to go from Edwin Edwards’ Speaker of the House to Bobby Jindal’s Senate President and now listen to griping from one statewide candidate because another one is advertising on the site.

And other stuff as well.

Enough already. I’m usually beat up enough by Friday afternoon. This Friday afternoon I’m a busted pinata.

And so there will be no further blogging from this quarter until the blood dries.

In the meantime, the Tigers are in West Virginia to burn some couches, or something. That deserves a little exit music…



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