NEW O’KEEFE VOTER FRAUD VIDEO: You, Too, Can Vote Eric Holder’s Ballot

Here’s an Easter present our readers will get a kick out of. It’s another one of those Project Veritas (that’s James O’Keefe’s outfit) exposes on voter fraud.

And in this one, O’Keefe sends one of his minions to a D.C. polling place – to vote in Eric Holder’s place.

Said minion gives Holder’s name and address, isn’t asked for ID and gets Holder’s ballot. Which is a sublime illustration of how ridiculous the Attorney General’s opposition to voter ID laws as “discriminatory” are.

Holder has been blocking state voter ID laws in places like Texas and South Carolina by saying that old people, poor people, black people and brown people won’t have access to the polls if voter ID is required. And Democrat hack activists are out there pushing the line that because it costs $15-20 to get a state-issued ID card that amounts to a poll tax – even though across the country it’s quite often Democrats who are pushing legislation to require ID for all kinds of other transactions – as though you wouldn’t need an ID for all kinds of everyday actions anyway, like cashing a check or getting on a plane.

But when somebody can walk into Holder’s precinct and get his ballot, it more or less invalidates that argument as well as making him look like a clown of the first magnitude.

Now it will be interesting to see what Holder’s reaction is. Because when O’Keefe exposed how wide-open Vermont’s voting system was to fraud the local Democrat establishment wanted him charged with a crime. And now that he’s struck a blow against Holder, it’s a good bet the response will come via the federal authorities.

He might want to lie low – and lawyer up.



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