Those Benghazi Hearings Looked A Lot Like Watergate

We probably shouldn’t make comparisons between the lies and cover-ups surrounding the Benghazi massacre and Watergate. After all, nobody died in Watergate. Watergate was a low-rent break-in and a moronic decision by a paranoid presidential administration to attempt to run up the electoral score by rifling through the Democrat National Committee’s files. Nowadays, the Watergate break-in would happen as a result of hacking into the DNC’s server, and if anybody really believes the parties don’t do that to each other regularly you guys are a lot less cynical than we are.

Benghazi is a lot different than Watergate. Benghazi was an administration that treated foreign policy as though reality was a function of what they wanted to believe rather than what it was. And as a result they deliberately ramped down security around our ambassador in Libya because they wanted the Libyans to perceive that everything was normal there; armored American convoys traveling through the streets would have upset the situation, so we’d go without them. That was a decision made in Washington, and it was a decision neither requested nor appreciated by the folks on the ground there, who knew their lives were forfeit to Libyan perception.

And the Libyans perceived it, all right. They recognized what a juicy, easy target our people were. And as a result there were security incidents on an ad nauseam basis until finally, on September 11, the local Al Qaeda affiliate decided they’d just run a full frontal attack at us. Which they did, and as a result we ended up with a dead ambassador and three dead support people – two of which were former Navy SEALS there on a mission to get back the very weapons the local Al Qaeda affiliate used in the attack. Because we had armed these people in the first place.

There’s a rather indelicate term which describes this perfectly: goatscrew.

Except that wasn’t all. Because after the bill for our incompetence and delusion was paid in the blood of four of our countrymen, the same administration which abandoned them to die then attempted to construct a fictionalized explanation for their deaths. There was a protest, you see, about that YouTube nobody had seen. And Benghazi was a copycat situation to the demonstration in Cairo as a result of folks being upset about a YouTube nobody had seen. It just got out of hand and we’re very sorry about all those dead bodies, but we’re also sorry about that YouTube.

Except there was no protest in Benghazi. The protest came after the attack was over, when the ordinary people there showed up at the local Al Qaeda affiliate’s compound and burned it down. Maybe they’d seen different YouTubes.

And now, when the American people are looking for an explanation as to why the administration’s first choice was to lie to us about Benghazi, we get even more lies and more attempts to dodge responsibility.

This made members of Congress, who held the first of what will certainly be very many hearings on this disaster, very angry.

Rep. Trey Gowdy…

Rep. Jason Chaffetz…

Rep. Jim Jordan…

Rep. Darrell Issa (watch the very end of this one; it’s breathtaking)…

Rep. Raul Labrador…

There are more. But the magnitude of this and the dramatic nature of the hearings come across in these clips.

And then, of course, there was Jay Carney’s atrocious press briefing yesterday, which included this exchange with ABC News’ Jake Tapper…

Nobody has a straight answer. Notice that? Andrew Wood and Eric Nordstrom, who were the people on the ground who actually attempted to prevent what happened in Benghazi by providing security, were pretty forthright. But not the suits – the suits are lying.

Lies upon lies. That’s all this administration has to offer to the American people. It’s an election year, after all.

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