Acceptance Of Responsibility

Last night wasn’t good to me. My health issues are bothersome at best and frightening in some cases. But this is about recognizing responsibility. It’s about recognizing our need to be honest concerning what we’ve wrought and fashioned with our past actions and what consequences come about.

For the longest period of time, a time frame expanded beyond the thirty year mark carried forth in a sixty year old chassis, I’ve been involved in working to protect people. Public service sounds noble but it’s more a utilitarian endeavor assuring a paycheck needed to keep any family growing. It’s no more or less important than any other job. It merely has different stresses.

Peoples’ workplaces define them in many ways. We decompress from the gravities of the workplace in our own ways. We struggle; we earn. We contest; we win or lose. We progress: we move forward. We fail; we fall behind or digress. But nothing is without movement of some sort. An affect is always known and endured.

America is involved in an election. Citizens must take a stand and cast a vote acting as a final statement of their beliefs concerning the direction of this nation. We take it seriously. It’s our responsibility to act.

As we’re required to accept our responsibilities while participating in our government, we must inspect those already in power and directing government to see what they’ve accomplished. We must witness what they’ve refused to accept responsibility for. This isn’t merely partisan politics ginned up to show one party’s superiority over another. They both hold equivalent stature in their opinions.

But they don’t have the same track records. They don’t have the same histories. They don’t share ideologies, or philosophies. They follow different creeds and dogma; but they’re all Americans and thus participants in this drama we call politics.

The question needing an answer is this: does the participation create the map leading us to our successes and failures or does the creed followed by philosophers direct from the prior chapters of our history? Do the previous episodes in this uniquely American saga draw their influence from the actions, spirit and drive of Americans or were they developed intellectually from the teachings of dogmatic political theologians seeking godhood for their faux-egalitarian thoughts?

Which works better: proven American ingenuity and drive to succeed? Or is theoretical, then practical redistribution of all assets to benefit those who will not labor as much as those who labor to produce the goods a better way to proceed? Margaret Thatcher said: “The problem with Socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”.

We’re now fully involved in Election Day. The responsibility is ours to select what’s good for the entire nation as opposed to those who produce and gain less. It doesn’t mean we should reject charity toward those who suffer. It also doesn’t mean anybody should profit by taking from the worker and giving it to the underachiever in that position because of the poor choices they made in a younger day. We must take charge of helping our brother, but by no means should we give them the fish to absolve them of the need to learn how to catch that same fish we worked to place in our net.

Our candidates must take responsibility for what they’ve not done as much as for what they have accomplished. It’s a matter of balance.

Obama’s ego places everything out of balance. He already considers himself one of the top four presidents of all time. He does this after only four years in office. He said: “I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president – with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR, and Lincoln – just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history,” (60 minutes interview).

You’ve had nothing to do with this. He did it alone. He accepts no responsibility for what he’s NOT accomplished in the last two years.

Today we must accept responsibility for what’s been done and elect an accomplished candidate more interested in our nation than one self-involved, self-centered opportunist.

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