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“The Obama administration’s mind-bogglingly determined refusal to say that we are at war with ‘radical Islam,’ together with the Left’s evasions about Islamic terrorism, means that there has been a haze of euphemism around what should be a galvanizing event in the West’s fight against terror.” – Rich Lowry/National Review

“In a new Iowa poll, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has surged into third place, ahead of even past caucus winners and all three freshman senators, recognition that the once dark horse is now seen as a viable presidential contender. In his state of the state speech, we got a look at Walker’s pitch, his style and his worldview.” – Jennifer Rubin/Washington Post

“With the three establishment-favored Governors (Jeb, Christie, Romney) having already all but declared, the time has come for other contenders to telegraph their intentions or face being left behind in the fundraising/operations cycle. One of my two favorite candidates for 2016 has always been Scott Walker, but the looming question has always been whether Walker would run at all given that a campaign would interfere fairly severely with the remainder of his second term. However, in a recent speech to the RNC, Walker seems to be attempting to remove the doubts about whether he will run:” – RedState

King v. Burwell, the court case that will determine if Obamacare’s language about federal subsidies and their availability on exchanges ‘established by the state,’ will be heard in oral arguments at the Supreme Court on March 4, with a decision to come down later this year. The Obama White House is apparently so confident that they’ll win the case that they’re not preparing any back-up plan in case the Supreme Court wrecks the structure of their signature legislation.” – Hot Air

Paris authorities found kiddie porn on the computers of two of the Paris Islamist killers.” – Gateway Pundit

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 17% of American Adults now rate race relations in America today as good or excellent, down by half from 34% a year ago. Twenty-nine percent (29%) describe race relations as poor, compared to 19% who felt that way in January 2014.” – Weekly Standard

“A Saudi blogger had been sentenced to 1000 lashes of the whip for saying something critical about the country’s religious-maniac leadership. The whippings were to be delivered at a rate of 50 per week, because more than that could result in death, and Allah has merely decreed that someone should be in aching misery for 20 weeks for writing a sentence with some words.” – Ace Of Spades

I wish Lewis were still around. He could update the book with a section on ‘women without vaginas.’ He would introduce the analysis with a look at what happens when women become men at Wellesley, the women’s college, and how college administrators respond. (Paul Mirengoff took a look in “Bottomly’s bottom line.”) Lewis would have to take up the case of Wellesley junior Timothy Boatwright, a woman who hasn’t quite made the commitment to manhood as traditionally understood:” – Scott Johnson/Power Line

“Duke University has abandoned its plan to transform the bell tower on the Methodist school’s neo-gothic cathedral into a minaret where the Muslim call to prayer was to be publicly broadcast.” – Fox News

“The Rev. Al Sharpton was left fuming mad after the Oscars revealed its all-white list of nominees for this year’s Oscar awards on Thursday.” – Yahoo! News


“The problem will get worse if oil prices continue to drop. With Gov. Bobby Jindal on his way out, several legislators said they are looking to Louisiana’s four major gubernatorial candidates in 2015 to provide details about what they might do to fix the state’s budget woes.” – NOLA.com

“Jefferson Parish Council members Cynthia Lee-Sheng and Ben Zahn this week introduced legislation that would permit UberX and similar services to operate in the parish’s unincorporated areas. Their proposed ordinance would set guidelines to regulate a ride-hailing industry that’s already popular in other communities.” – New Orleans Advocate

“Production of the much anticipated three-wheeled Elio has been pushed back again — this time until the first half of 2016.” – Times of Shreveport

“Before a standing room only crowd, legislators gave Louisiana State Police a substantial 20 percent pay raise — though not the 30 percent they sought —— despite the state government suffering from significant financial troubles.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Newly selected Commissioner of Higher Education Joseph Rallo was two hours on the job when he got news of the state budget crisis and possible impact on higher education.” – Monroe News Star

“Mayor President Kip Holden said Thursday that he’s washing his hands of a $335 million public safety tax plan in the wake of the Metro Council’s vote against sending the measure to voters this May. ‘I’m telling you point-blank — I’m not pushing the tax,’ he said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Based on the number of phone calls I’ve received since John Kennedy made that statement, I think treasurer is definitely something I would consider,” Kleckley said. “But I’ve also had several people back home asking me to consider running for mayor when Randy Roach’s term ends.” – LAPolitics.com

“A federal judge determined Thursday that more oil than BP estimated spilled into the Gulf of Mexico following a rig explosion in 2010, a decision that could potentially cost the London-based oil giant more than $13 billion.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

LSU’s 2015 season will rise or fall on the strength of its quarterback play. The additions of Steele and Orgeron are nice. But ultimately, they, like everyone else, are just along for the ride.” – Jeff Duncan/NOLA.com

“The Tigers’ coaching staff room is now up to three separate and distinct languages, the mother tongues of next to nowhere really. There is some English spoken for one, though rarely the King’s version, and, for two, this state has made great and resourceful strides in recent years in deciphering the unique elocution that is Les Miles-speak, an apparent convoluted, off-brand form of pig Latin. It’s an acquired ear, to be sure, but we’re working on it diligently, almost to the point you don’t hear nearly as many “huhs?” and “what-he-saids?” among the congregation these days. And now they’re introducing Ed Orgeron, defensive line coach, into this fragile mix.” – Scooter Hobbs/Lake Charles American Press



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