We Skipped The Paris Unity March, But It’s OK…

…because when Secretary of State John Kerry finally made it to Paris yesterday, he brought James Taylor with him.

Yeah, James Taylor. The singer. Who gave the French a song. “You’ve Got A Friend.”

He’s a little off-key, which is in keeping with the entire foreign policy of the Obama administration that Kerry, possibly the least intellectually qualified Secretary of State in American history, is charged with implementing. We’ve gone from “bear any burden” and the Boys of Pont du Hoc to a serenade from an aging hippie recording artist as the manifestation of American foreign policy.

Not to mention that Wednesday night, less than a week after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and one day before massive police raids in France, Belgium and Germany netted a dozen or so jihadists planning on attacking law enforcement in several places in Western Europe, the Obama administration released five jihadists from Yemen out of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. It was Al Qaeda in Yemen who claimed credit for the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and less than a week after that attack and just hours before Kerry arrived with his troubadour in tow, that Obama let five Yemeni Al Qaeda types go.

It’s becoming trite to say “You can’t make this stuff up,” but you really can’t. Were these to show up in a David Baldacci or Brad Thor novel as the actions of a crazed or treasonous president critics would pan them as detracting from the believability of the story.

But here we are. “You’ve Got A Friend.”

Some friend we are.



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