Yahoo! Finance Makes The Mother Of All Typos, And Black Twitter Turns It Into The Funniest Thing Ever

Political correctness might not be dead, but it took a fairly grievous wound yesterday thanks to the one thing it could never overcome – humor.

We say this, because of a gigantic “Oops!” moment from the folks at Yahoo! Finance, who were tweeting out a link to an article about the cost of a Donald Trump campaign promise and, well…in their defense, the “b” on a computer keyboard is right next to the “n.” Coulda happened to anybody…


So that happened. And the tweet was quickly deleted.

But not quickly enough to stave off the reaction – and Black Twitter, the network of exceptionally talented smartasses who do a pretty good job of working over topics like this when they show up on its doorstep, are having a field day.

The #niggernavy hashtag has some of the most hilarious jokes you’ll ever see, proving that there are still lots of people who have a sense of humor enough to get past the perpetual outrage. A small sample – you really ought to check out the whole thing for the full effect…

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