Potty Pervs: Here’s the List of CHURCHES Who Support Men Using Girls Bathrooms

Several attempts were made to bring to the floor for consideration legislation that would restrict bathroom use to one’s biological gender. None of them made it even to the committee needed to first approve it to be brought to the entire legislature for a vote.

Dallas News reported that the greatest concentration of opposition came from big businesses and corporations whose representatives were more concerned with profit loss and their bottom line than anything else. (No pun intended.)

However, after reviewing the list The News compiled of more than 3,000 individuals and groups who signed letters or attended hearings in Austin to voice their opposition, the most surprising discovery is not the businesses, but the number of churches and reverends on this list. Rather than protect the human rights of women and children who, according to crime data are the primary targets of sexual crimes, and have been increasingly victims in bathrooms, these CHINO’s chose to support the very policy that increases the risk of harm to their congregants.

Apparently the legal rights of heterosexual women and children, who comprise 99.999 percent of the population, are less important than the less than .001 percent of people suffering from the mental illness of gender dysphoria. When perception does not match reality, the medical assessment is dysphoria, the same illness from which anorexics suffer.

No one is advocating that anorexics keep starving themselves. But for some reason Texas lawmakers insist that men who are confused about their identity should be able to have free access to women and girls (and boys) in public and private bathrooms– where they are most vulnerable, quite literally trapped with their pants down.

The Campaign for Houston fought against this nonsense, but unfortunately, the Austin legislature just wanted to flush the issue down the toilet.

Below is part of the list of potty perv supporters, from churches and organizations founded on and/or using the name of evangelical stalwarts and founders of Methodism, John and Charles Wesley (who would roll over in their graves if they knew their name was being used for this). Astoundingly, many on the list are women. Sadly, and unsurprisingly, many of these women hold contra-biblical positions in churches that do not preach the gospel.

These are just the A’s:

  • Aaron Stockwell Unitarian Universalist; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Aaron White Unitarian Universalist; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Abby Adam Episcopal Church of the Ascension Texas Impact Statement

  • Abby Martin First Baptist- Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Abigail Ada St Martin’s Lutheran Church; Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Adam Richards President; Synergy Wesley Foundation Texas Impact Statement

  • Adam Salamon Austin Tech Alliance

  • Adam Wooderson St Thomas Moore Texas Impact Statement

  • Adama Brown First United Methodist Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Agape Metropolitan Community Church; Ft. Worth Tx Believes Signers

  • Aian Shelley Northwoods Presbyterian Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Aienne Leyva First Baptist Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Al Hoerig Reverend; St Peters Lutheran Ch; Elgin; TX Texas Impact Statement

  • Al Lindsey St John’s United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Albert Jones Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Alex Lee-Cornell Reverend; Grace Presbytery Texas Impact Statement

  • Alexander Raabe Reverend Bathroom Bill Hearing

  • Alice Day Central Presbyterian Church; Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Alice Embree Trinity Church of Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Alice Hempel Corpus Christi Unitarian Universalist Texas Impact Statement
  • Alicia Wills; DCN Amazing Grace Lutheran Texas Impact Statement

  • Alison Hosack United Methodist Church Denton Texas Impact Statement

  • Alison Jones FBC-Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Alison Weaver First Presbyterian Church Grapevine Texas Impact Statement

  • Allan Brain Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Alliance of Baptists Tx Believes Signers Allison Cattell St John’s United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Allison Gower Chapelwood United Methodist Texas Impact Statement

  • Allison Harris University Presbyterian Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Alvin Loewenberg Travis Park United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Alvis Brad Howe Saint John’s United Methodist Church Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Alyssa Mastronardi United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Alyssa Stebbing Episcopal; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Amanda Hildebrand University United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Amanda Richey Reverend; Genesis Presbyterian Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Amelia Fulbright Labyrinth Progressive Student Ministry; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • American Baptist Tx Believes Signers

  • Amy Ford First Baptist Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Amy Harris Austin Congregational United Church of Christ Texas Impact Statement

  • Amy Klinkovsky Presbyterian Church; U.S.A.; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Amy L Hume St Paul’s United Methodist Church; Houston; TX Texas Impact Statement

  • Anamae Storbeck Reverend; Lutheran Texas Impact Statement

  • Anandhi MD Ganesh Bathroom Bill Hearing

  • Ancient Celtic Orthodox Church Tx Believes Signers

  • Andria Davis Cathedral of Hope; United Church of Christ; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Andy Ambrus Texas Impact Statement

  • Andy Blair Presbyterian Church; U.S.A.; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Andy Shelton Reverend; Director of Chapel; Brite Divinity School Texas Impact Statement

  • Andy Sloat Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anea Beaudin St John’s United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anea Peck First United Methodist Church; Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Anea Smith Bathroom Bill Hearing

  • Anew Hutton Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anew Robinson Northaven United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Angela Johnson University United Methodist Church; Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Angie Sifferman First Unitarian Church of Dallas Texas Impact Statement

  • Anita Diatschenko Baptist Texas Impact Statement

  • Anita Dinwiddie United Methodist Church; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Anita Gordon First Baptist Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Anita Privett Trinity Church of Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Akin United Methodist Church; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Ann Arnett Reverend; ST LUKE’S United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Culotta First United Methodist Church; Jacksonville Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Houston Chapelwood United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Mitchell St James Episcopal Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Pittman Reverend; First Baptist Church of Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Teich First United Methodist Church-Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Venno First United Methodist Church-Austim Texas Impact Statement

  • Ann Weiss St Peter’s United Methodist Church Katy; TX Texas Impact Statement

  • Anna Carter Unitarian Universalist Texas Impact Statement

  • Anna Gordy Montgomery Pastor; Abiding Presence Lutheran Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anna Hill Texas Impact Statement

  • Anna Hosemann-Butler United Methodist Church; Reverend Dr. Tx Believes Signers

  • Anna K. Humble United Church of Christ; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Anna Shouse Unity; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Anne Mund Saint John’s United Methodist; Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Anne Nichols Friends Congregational Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anne True Thoreau Woods UU Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anneliese New Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • AnneMarie Pappas St John’s United Methodist Church Lubbock Texas Impact Statement

  • Annette Mayer Reverend; St Stephen’s Episcopal Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Anthony Chapple St David’s Episcopal Church; Austin TX Texas Impact Statement

  • Anthony Orbee Episcopal Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Appamada; Zen Buddhist Center Tx Believes Signers

  • April Long Saint John’s United Methodist Church (Austin; TX) Texas Impact Statement

  • Ardis Cox Covenant Presbyterian; Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Arleigh De Leon FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF AUSTIN Texas Impact Statement

  • Arthur Stewart Midway Hills Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Arthur Thompson Memorial Live United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Ashley Cook Episcopal Church; Reverend Tx Believes Signers

  • Ashley Dellagiacoma Reverend; Kined Texas Impact Statement

  • Ashley Dellagiacoma Kindred Lutheran Church; Pastor Bathroom Bill Hearing

  • Ashley Prevost University United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Ashley Thames Brown United Methodist Church Greenland Hills in Dallas Texas Impact Statement

  • Auey Stone St John’s United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Aurelia Pratt Reverend; Peace of Christ Church; Round Rock Texas Impact Statement

  • Aurolyn Kay Gardner Unitarian Texas Impact Statement

  • Austin Hardin Trinity Church of Austin Texas Impact Statement

  • Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Tx Believes Signers

  • Auua Welch Malvaez Director of Adult Ministries; Plymouth Park United Methodist Church Texas Impact Statement

  • Aux. Bishop; Old Catholic Diocese of Uniformed Services Tx Believes Signers

  • Ava Nell Harris First United Methodist Church–Fort Worth Texas Impact Statement

  • Averytt Dahlquist Travis Park United Methodist Church; San Antonio; TX Texas Impact Statement


Did the bill ever have a chance? Unlikely, as Ashley Smith, a woman posing as a man, evidences in her photo-op with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. (See feature image.)

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