Forth Worth Teen and Family Called “Racist” For Giving Car to Boyfriend for Christmas [video]

Imagine dating someone for nearly a year in high school and your sweetheart’s parents surprise you by buying you a car for Christmas. Sweet, right?

Not according to haters in Texas, unfortunately. Holiday cheer turned into holiday smear and fear after a video was posted of Madison Duke and her parents surprising her boyfriend, Chris Hunter, with a car for Christmas. 

The teenagers were bombarded with vile comments and abuse on social media, after the video was viewed more than 1.5 million times.

On December 9th Madison and her family told Chris they were going out to lunch but had a stop to make first. When they got to a shop, a car was wrapped in a red bow. Madison’s step-father exclaimed, “Merry Christmas Chris. The car’s all yours.” Chris grabbed his chest and couldn’t believe they had gotten him such an incredible gift. He hugged everyone in the family, and Madison’s mother, who took the video, shouted: “Go check out your car! We can hug later!”

Chris is apparently a star soccer player and Madison is an athletic trainer. They both have talked about getting married, how each is the love of their life and best friend.

Sadly, they can’t even share their love without haters trolling them.

Show them some love on their Twitter and Facebook pages– they are an example to all Americans that love knows no bounds: @Madison2078 and @ChrisHunter07

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