Meet the Most Liberal, Fiscally Irresponsible, and Pro-Death Republican in Texas

Congresswoman Sarah Davis (R-34, Houston) holds the title of being the most pro-death and eugenicist Republican in the Texas House of Representatives. She’s also the most liberal, with a 33 percent commitment to fiscal responsibility.

It’s no secret that Davis is pro-abortion– but she’s also outspoken and actively against all matters of life. Every single pro-life bill that’s come to the floor she’s voted against. She’s also offered “hostile and weakening amendments” to pro-life legislation, according to Texas Right to Life, an organization that compiles voting records of every legislator on abortion, and gave Davis a pro-life score of zero (0).

Two of her key pro-death actions include:

  • Davis authored House Bill 1373 to make it legal for minors to have access to medicine and prescriptions that cause chemical abortions — without the knowledge or consent of their parents. (Circumventing parental rights violates the 14th Amendment.)
  • As the chair of the Subcommittee on Health and Human services, Davis “zeroed out all funding to the state’s program for pregnant women who seek alternatives to abortion.”

Her advocacy of eugenics is evident in her refusal to protect children with disabilities. For example, Davis supports killing down syndrome children via abortion even right before their birth. Her opposition to legislation that would protect disabled children from late-term abortion (RV #1391, Amendment 22 to Senate Bill 8) is no different than the Rockefeller-funded eugenics program that the Nazis implemented in Germany (and Sweden). Eugenicists argue that people (especially children) with disabilities contribute no positive benefit to society and should either be experimented on, or killed. If Davis had her way, all babies diagnosed as potentially down syndrome have no right to life.

Davis even appears to view herself as the moral authority on all matters of life or death– for adult patients– believing she and a doctor know better than a patient knows about him or herself. Davis voted against Senate Bill 8, which requires patient consent before a medical professional can request a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Order. Meaning, the patient has no say about when he or she can end his or her life.

At any time, before birth and before death, Davis maintains that the government is the best authority on deciding who can live and for how long — with no rights afforded to people to choose by themselves to live.

If her pro-death and pro-eugenics policies weren’t enough, her commitment to “fiscal restraint” and the GOP platform of limited government is also a myth. One wonders why she is a Republican at all.

According to Rice University’s Liberal-Conservative Ranking, Davis ranks 94 out of 94. Meaning, she is the most liberal Republican in the Texas State House of Representatives.

According to Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Davis scored 33 percent– out of 100– (that’s an F-) on the 2017 Fiscal Responsibility Index (FRI). She holds the lowest score among all of the Republicans in Texas. The FRI measures the commitment of lawmakers to the size and role of government based on their votes related to core budget and free enterprise issues.

On her website Davis claims:

I will always stand for limited government, individual responsibility, and personal freedom. With your support, I will continue to provide the fiscally conservative leadership the voters of House District 134 expect.

Is getting a failing grade of 33 percent what District 134 expects? How is that Houstonians have reelected a pro-death and pro-big government advocate disguised as a fiscally conservative Republican?

Based on her record, Davis opposes measures that protect the most vulnerable Texans. If they can’t speak for or defend themselves from people like Davis, who will?

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