Trump to Dems: No Wall, No DACA, No Nada

In September Trump declared he would end DACA and congress had six months to figure out what they wanted in an immigration bill. Under Obama, DACA issued work permits to illegal immigrants and protected them from deportation. To date, of those known, there are approximately 700,000 DACA illegals residing in America.

Trump continues to advocate the need to end what he calls, “chain migration.” Because the Democrats refuse to concede any aspect to DACA, Trump tweeted today, once again, the need to build the wall. And, no compromise means, nothing happens unless the wall is built.

Chain migration is the process by which immigrants legally sponsor a friend or relative, which helps their visa application and makes them eligible for entry to the U.S. The lottery system allocates visas for immigrants “from underrepresented countries.” One example of a chain migrant would be the New York City terrorist attacker.

It appears that Trump is willing to compromise, giving some concessions to illegals formerly protected by DACA. But, he’s not going to allow a “clean DACA” bill or sign anything cart blanch. He’s still insisting that the border wall be funded and built, and that process for legal immigration is reformed. In other words, no wall, no DACA, no nothing.

The Daily Caller reported that roughly 1.8 million immigrants — legal and illegal — came to America in 2016. This represents 53 percent more than those who came in 2011. These immigrants include green card holders, long-term “temporary” guest workers, foreign students, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants.

Still, more than one million people entering America every year is staggering. According to a Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report, nearly 14 million immigrants came to the U.S. between 2006 and 2016. Steven Camarota, the director of research at CIS, told the Daily Caller,

These dramatic increases are truly extraordinary. Our generous legal immigration system allows in a huge number of immigrants and then permits them to sponsor their relatives causing a multiplier effect.

Incredibly, chain migration accounts for 70 percent of all immigrants admitted to the U.S. in the last decade. The problem Trump and other critics rightly point out is that the current system enables immigration primarily on the basis of family, not on the individual’s potential economic contribution or likelihood of assimilation.

And, unfortunately, chain migration has been the conduit security officials have revealed to those entering the country who commit terrorist acts. Suspects related to several terror attacks immigrated to America through an extended family visas, aka, chain migration.

Camarota added:

The numbers have profound implications for American schools, taxpayers, workers as well as our culture and national security. Yet the whole system is allowed to run largely on autopilot with few asking whether any of this makes sense for our country.

He has a point. Whether or not Congress will listen is another story.

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